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Red Carnelian - A crystal of abundance and creativity
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Red Carnelian - A crystal of abundance and creativity

Red carnelian crystal boosts your creativity, whether you are a writer, poet, or scientist. It is very good at expressing itself.

Egyptians used to believe it was the sun in form. A very powerful crystal with powerful healing abilities. They would add it to the graves to aid in the afterlife.

Red carnlian boosts brainpower, creative thinking in all forms.

It boosts humour too.

And it can aid people's sex life by boosting creativity there.

It rules the blood in the body, and crown and root chakra. Meaning it rejuvinates the whole body. Let your body shine like a 1000 suns. Use red carnelian. Look new born. Look half your age. This crystal will teach you how. The sol never ages.

It boosts physical performance, drive, meaning it will make it easier to take action quickly without thinking first too much. It makes us live in the now without worries.

It is a worry releasing stone. Healing our childhood. Many people got childhood trauma.

This stone heals all childhood traumas and lets us feel like a child a new.

It is very spiritual too, in that it heals our childhood, it also connects us to god. It is said that only a child can perceive god in the bible. And so it is. You will remember gods light in your everyday life and even receive messages from god using this stone is possible. It opens the crown chakra automatically. Where all divine connection and communication occurs. You will see that time is an illusion, distance merely an illusion. You may remember past incarnations.

Many people remember past lives using this crystal. Or more than one past life.

The limit is only how open you want to be.

Use red carnelian to boost your creativity or past lives remembrance. I am thoth in a past life. And many more. In fact I am every human who has ever existed. Unity consciousness.

All is one. Every living being from the same source and light.

This stone makes us remember. The god light. God mind.

By first dissolving all our own lies. It is hard to be Honest, and with Integrity in this world.

Many people lie to self or others.

This stone will dissolve all lies.

Thus it will make you a timeless eternal being, a magical astral elf/cat travelling through time. Farting ancient winds and rainbows.

Or it could make you human too!

Anything you like. Mind is all.

If you can perceive it, it can be. It is.

And if it is. It is in the after life.
For all that is. Is eternal.

Impermanence only illusion of this world. Red carnelian makes us remember Eternity Of Being.

If you think a thought this life, it carries over to your next life. Your sol evolves.

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