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Solar plexus god will healing
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Solar plexus god will healing


So today i was awoken 07:07 by drilling into my bed wall, and then 07 09 by people drilling my lock out... lol

they didn't wait for me to open, i hadn't opened quick enough

maybe it says something about me, i never do

but maybe it says something about them too

they used locksmit to drill out my 2000kr Ruko lock within 3-4mins of me not opening

that fast yea

well... that's todays times

and 7am lol

'craftsmen go up before satan gets his shoes on'

Why heal my solar plexus?

All people need to heal this one regularly, it gets inbalanced or blocked by inaction.

Inaction can be caused by many things, such as illness, stress, pain, or just laziness too that many suffer from.

To be truly free from all those 4 things is only for very strong people in this society.

It takes the will of a warrior to get up each morning without complaining, yes that's right, without complaining about oneself or others.

Without saying I don't like my nose (no names mentioned here).

Or without complaining at work.. won't mention names either.

We live in a complainer society at times. Where the first feed at work is complainer gettogether.

Some people live for complaining, phew I don't work such place anymore.

But other places are also nice to work, do miss a good work since I've been sick for a while. Love to work and actually have a schedule.

The problem with sickness is it far too easy gets to be too long. Or gets to become a bad habit. Sickness can make you your sickness if not careful, to even the strongest person.

Because the doctor system is made to treat you like you are ill, there is something wrong with you.

If you go to a doctor, be surprised if you don't get sick!

I AM Divine Health
I Am Pure
My Soul is pure
Sickness? doesn't exist to the Sol

There may be learning opportunities.

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