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Natural medicines of nature, rejuvinate body
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Natural medicines of nature, rejuvinate body

Garlic... rejuvinates whole body and sexuality, cure impotence, natures best antibiotic. Antiparasitic can cure worms of many kinds. Antiviral,antibacterial. Heals gut infections. Resets the gut if problems with it. Heals general infections in body. Skin infections that won't heal or body infections resistant to antibiotics.

Cinnamon ... powerful antifungal,antiviral. Prevents diabetes. Lowers blood sugar. Healthy sugar substitute.

Oregano oil... one of nature's best antibiotics, may never get the flu if taking this one. Reduces cold duration. I haven't gotten sick like this for years and years

Lemons... detox the body, remove toxins from liver, kidneys. Removes kidney stones, big ones and smaller ones. If suspect stones mix 2tbsp with 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil. Great against heavy metal poisoning, which many have without knowing (tooth fillings have heavy metals in them that's just one exposure). Great against poisoning of any kind.

Take probiotics if you ever had antibiotics before, to heal your gut flora.

Remember to always buy organic. Only there do you know you do not get sprayed crop. Else spraying is almost a certainty.

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