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I run my own quake server...
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Good times of Quake 2!

Quake 2 blog of Lithium players

As few of you out there know I run my own quake server. A quake 2 server, uh yes,, quake 2 baby... the best game of them all.

Nothing comes even close.


You may be wondering how to play this great game?

Well it's no easy feat, if you're noob.

It requires so much hardcore skill that only the uppermost elite continue to stick with it. But if you got what it takes, when why not head over to the Clanworld Portal..

Ownage Time? You Bet!

Clanworld Portal of Quake - 24hr Quake Portal, teh big wordz!

They got all the secret quake 2 stuff, and downloads, servers etc. Even pointreleases, uh oh...

This game never gets old.

You haven't had so much fun since your childhood.

Oh chain gun and water...it fits so well together..

Unreal ? no way
Quake 2 baby
Quake blog
Quake 2 servers
My quake 2 blog

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