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Balances Yin & Yang
Cleanses the blood
Grounding & Stability
Action oriented

Activates responsibility chakra, root chakra in balance, which is important to have. There is one more chakras that is about responsibility, but it is the 11th to 14th chakra or so, grey in color. Not sure if it activates that one yet. It is about galactic responsibility, not personal responsibility. To aid others.

Some take responsibility only to themselves, and thus get all they ever wanted.

Some take responsibility for others.

We can need to do both. But doing only one, all the time, tends to be bad.

This stone provides grounding. So our life can flow easily. It also restores health, stamina. You become stronger by using it. It does it by healing your blood.

You will notice more stamina in daily life. Able to do more, and for longer time, without getting exhausted.

It also calms the user's thoughts.

This is a heavy stone, very heavy. Unusually heavy. Almost as heavy as lead.

In category.
New Age
Crystal healing
Healing methods
Self empowerment
Self realization
Realizing your soul
A very spiritual stone

Spiritual benefits too...
As this stone balances earth chakra and root chakra, you may notice those divine qualities i your life. Able to understand death,rebirth and its need in our life, its natural way in our life. The cycle of life. Able to deal with money easier , better, and even attract money easily.

There are many spiritual benefits.

Other crystals..

Rose Quartz - Divine love

Amethyst Pendant

Amethyst - Expand your awareness , Third eyes stone

Carnelian - Inner child, heal your childhood and regain lost abilities

Root chakra function?

Your root chakra is about groundedness, your inner child, feeling a part of the world

Without it in balance we may feel disconnected from the world and all people.

When root is balanced we feel a part of the world, an identity in the world, and like we can relate to all people

There are no longer no evil people we dont like we cannot relate to

The earth becomes our playground.

All people become us, and we become our own unique being at the same time.

Unity consciousness, yet at same time Uniqueness

Attaining the Great I am consciousness in bodily form, yet attaining uniqueness as needed too (ego).

Able to use spirits words, yet have an ego too.


Mastering the yin and yang.

Mastering form.

Root chakra is powerful.
It is also very primitive, yet needed.

It likes to fight, eat grounding foods, may even eat meat etc.

You can look up root chakra on the net, it works partially on that one, and earth chakra too.

It allows yin and yang to function as a whole. Instead of people only using their shadow side and being all evil, or only light side and being all angelic yet hating all in world.

Here you become a whole person, able to take action.

Many people think they are whole, yet unable to take action.

They blame everyone else.

This stone makes you take action, without blaming others for Your problems.


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