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Temple of the Divine, in body rests gods light
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Temple of the Divine, in body rests gods light

I bought only organic today. Only the finest for my bodily temple
My body is not a body, but gods light
So I only fill the finest in it.

I can't even think of fitting only but the perfect on it.
That's how fine my temple is.

Chose organic for Nature

Looks good doesn't it? If only I could make such a fine product. I got it in 750ml version, same label, equally good. Also organic. Price 60DKK.

www.zucchi.com. Extra fine olive oil, I recommend. Good price too with shipping.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the uppermost beautiful of nature. It cannot be made better. It is the finest olives only, pressed via cold pressing to preserve all their nutrients. As opposed to non virgin, which uses heat and chemical processing in other ways, where flavour and health benefits may be lost partially.

Organic olive oil, it tastes different than the nonorganic. Much better. I couldn't believe my taste buds when I tried changing.

The quality is much better.

Also costs 2-3 times , but it lasts long.

I'd rather buy less and then get quality. Than buy more of poorer quality.

A review...
1. Excellent as moisturizer
2. Very good for cooking, olive oil is healthiest cooking oil on the planet
3. Gives smooth skin by drinking a shot of once in a while
4. The label is not glossy and thus if you drop olive oil down the bottle, it will spoil the label. Now you spoiled an expensive bottle's look. Only downside.
5. The green bottle may not be safest bottle design for olive oils, some say the black bottles are safer. Not sure how it is made. But wine comes in green bottles too. Some say it is a safe chrome they mix in to make bottle green. May be considered if you drink daily of it, then green bottle may not be best for your health.

So overall, if you buy, be very careful not putting olive oil in the lid, and then putting lid back on. It will spill and ruin label, so you now have to buy a new bottle.

A shame for such a fine product.

But I will definitely buy again,best quality olive oil I've found yet in years.

Will probably order online.

It costs double of nonorganic, but worth it, you can taste difference.

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