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Vinegar as deoderant
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Vinegar as deoderant

If you work out hard or just clean the home/garden, you know how much you quickly may sweat. By using vinegar instead of the normal deo you save the environment and your health...

Normal deos contain Aluminium that can give alzheimers and lots of brain trouble, it is a heavy metal that stays in body. This has been into major newspapers too, and the public reaction has been pretty severe, yet no solution.

Never use normal deoderants!

I will also say that I rarely if ever use a deo. I usually just take one more bath. Rather 2-3 baths a day than to smell after workout. The times I don't got time for a bath, vinegar is very useful as a deoderant, just started using.

It's amazing.

Vinegar can neutralize better than any deo if you are in the hurry. That's why I recommend.

Why use a deoderant at all? If one is into Nature?

For many people body odur is a big problem, they want to dress up fine and look cool and all, be respected. But for others they just want to be themselves and only use perfume if absolutely needed. I use deos like 5 days a year. Very rare. It seems the more we use it, the more we want. Many people get addicted to perfume, and overuse of perfume. As an allergic person I thought I had to find another solution, very allergic to fragrances.

Vinegar is the natural cure, it heals your body so you don't sweat. It can also be consumed and be even more healing, if dilluted with water. Heals the gut, which means less sweat.

Use vinegar where you sweat, and it is a super remedy, like I never tried. Instant removal of any sweat. And it lasts much longer too than normal deos that tend only to last a few hours. They're made to take your money, don't forget that. But vinegar seems to last and last.

You see sweating requires certain ph to form bacteria. It's bacteria that smell. Be fully in control of your reality. And body. Use vinegar.

It is like directly from spirit. That good.

Below you will see all the benefits.

It is strange, many people have adversion to talking about deoderants at all, or perfume. I don't use perfume, I have tried once or twice, never was me much. I like having my natural smell. To not overly improve on myself. That kinda thing. To be like I always was from birth. Perfume is something people started using from 15-17+ years of age often.

But I would say my body hasn't changed much. It is as it always is. I don't feel the need for one.

It seems the need for one is often more in the mind of the person, than in physical need. Some have convinced themselves they need one, when they don't. Perhaps peer pressure?

Here are the many benefits of vinegar as deoderant:

• Lasts longer
• Works better
• Costs 1/100th the price
• Is preventive against sweat
• Is healthy, heals body by applying to skin. Heals your sweat glands

Quick info: Did you know that the Egyptians used vinegar as an old housetip against infections?

Vinegar is good for many things, you won't believe your eyes...

There are a million reasons, vinegar is good for so many things...

It gives 100% smooth anti wrinkle clothing
It gives 100% smooth rose red skin if you consume it, be sure you get eatable vinegar 5% and dillute in water first

I cant believe my eyes...
How good vinegar works for clothing in washing machine, put into fabric softener input 100ml. And into detergent too to save there detergent, you can lessen detergent by 50pct doing so.
How good vinegar works for my skin, I look 20 years younger when drinking it... just what my skin needed
How good vinegar works as deodorant, never any probs with sweat again. Had trouble before due to unhealthy body.

Natural healing rating of vinegar as Deoderant?

This is a must try. Home ageless tip.

Natural healing rating of vinegar for the other purposes?
10.0/10 ... a Miracle I tell you

Best home remedy I know.

Apple cider vinegar is also good, that's what most recommend, and is made for drinking.

But I just use vinegar, normal type.

Trying to heal your skin, get it beautiful as beautiful can be?
Give root chakra stones a try... hermetite, rose quartz, red carnelian .... one of those. Heals body beauty.
Good for dry skin. Spiritual healing. I have had dry skin severe due to illness. So not fun. But this tip vinegar and such a stone, I look like new. No more dry ness. In fact body looks ageless when doing it. It's that powerful. I never found so useful tip before in my life.

Uh yes when at it
I use chili powder eaten daily, to heal dry skin
I use curry powder eaten daily, to heal dry skin

They are antioxidant, antiaging both

Lastly here some last benefits from Vinegar...

-You may not sweat so much you need deo, but how about using a blouse you only use on/off , and dont want to wash it yet?. It quickly can get a smell from just being used 20mins one day. Use vinegar.
-You may drop something onto floor, use vinegar, removes smell
-Your neighbors cats may pee outside on your balcony , or your cat inside, use vinegar. Removes all traces of smell.
- Possible skin infections or candida. Vinegar may work here on the skin. Else coconut oil does. Coconut oil cures foot fungus.
- General smell neutralizer
- General housecleaning it is great for, dissolves dirt

There's simply many uses.
Many use vinegar for cleaning.

You wouldn't want to use chlorine on carpet i.e., as it can change its color. But vinegar is less harmful to most things.

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