> 6m US people poisoned by fire retardants in their water supply + Flouride!

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3010 - Being close to god starts

3009 - A lesson in Humbleness

3008 - You can be pure today

3007 - For the works of the flesh ALWAYS pollutes

3006 - Please listen not to that Heathen Radio dear Christians

3005 - From The Lord why Occult is dangerous

3004 - From Our Lord Today

3003 - Science lies to you

3002 - Blessed by God from Birth!

3001 - It is NOT easy to be pure in the faith, people

3000 - False Gods - AND WHY! - The Bible...

2999 - Recommend no healing that is of the Flesh. For only the Faith heals.

2997 - Your vision will become pure only when

2996 - The downside of having a penetrative mind

2995 - The Mark of the Beast, Beware people and fellow Christians!

2994 - It is me and my bro

2991 - All Witchcraft is Satanic!

2989 - I LOVE Rain

2988 - God tests our Spirit every day

2987 - The Truth about the NWO (New World Order)

2986 - Jeg er officiel flue kaster

2985 - So I sew kitchen curtains

2984 - This is really beautiful people

2983 - God loves me, God is with me

2982 - He who is with the Lord sleeps well at night

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