> How The Magic Works - ##PizzaGate Being Hidden, Misportrayed By Mainstream Media [Podesta emails explained]

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How The Magic Works - ##PizzaGate Being Hidden, Misportrayed By Mainstream Media [Podesta emails explained]
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Demonic society with enslaved humans, and a ruling elite who are paedophiles!

They hide this in mass media as they own the mass media

Take notice how they prepare useless information, and hide all pieces of truth

The recent pizza gate Paedophilia Case reveals all this and more [paedophilia, child traffiking by government high standing members....... satanic rings, murder of children, sacrifice to satan in occult groups]. Ritual abuse, torture of children, occult satanic rituals with blood shed (sacrifice to satan). This is what they do.

This is not a small organisation, but a global organisation across borders most likely, and the leaked documents show this

Most people do not want to see this as it disturbss them too much

So they get away with it,, your government officials......

All massmedia though moved the focus away from the real material, and onto a random pizza store and blamed that owner, and said it was fake news. Blamed the alternative news society for producing fake news. Now they will even ban 'alternative news'

They won't even talk about this pizzagate case.

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Now only government approved news will come

Facebook has already started, and if you use facebook youwill only receive information that is 'relevant to what you already believe'

This way you will never think outside the box

You will be enslaved same as everybody else, group mentality, think like your group

It is becoming increasingly hard to present new information to people!

Facebook is taking over the internet!

Basically for many people, facebook IS the internet

So these people can be brainwashed with anything, the controllers control the big cooperations.

Learn more...
How The Magic Works

There is a big effort to suppress the exposure of [...]

There is a big effort to suppress the exposure of the satanic abuse and killings in your world. The reputations of the truthseekers will be questioned and trashed in an effort to protect the paedophiles and abusers. This is big business. The truthseekers need your support and protection. Satanic abuse and killings have been part of the control structure for hundreds of years. It is only now being identified and exposed. The Cabal is fighting hard to keep its evil deeds secret. Their practices got them expelled from various countries in times past. It is part of their history. In this time of awakening, everything must be looked at and evaluated. Dark deeds that disgust normal human beings have to be brought out into the open and prevented."

FullCircleProject, Copenhagen

Read More
Max Igan. Open Mind Conference Copenhagen, 2017 September

Sources And References:

The pizzagate case is being misdirected, misportrayed by Mainstream Media!
To hide pedophile activity

(See the youtube video above)

How The Magic Works, Video

We have to put light to the darkness people, it is our unwillingness to put light to the darkness, acknowledge its presence in our society, that lets it continue

If you want your child safe, or anybody safe, you start opening your eyes to what your government officials really are, call things what they are. Not deny it. These people been busted before many times.

It is people unable to deal with this darkness, ignoring it, that lets them get away with it. Each year there is missing 10's of thousands of children from the USA, more and more each year. How many are from this global paedophlia?

There is all sorts of things which can happen that people do not want to think!

It is not first time your government officials get busted for corrution

Or what they are doing to human beings, mainly to children.

It is so chocking that most people simply cannot deal with it. That is the problem. Their inability to face their own shadow.

They need to look at the shadow within themselves.

So they don't realize what they are really capable off.

So they don't think others are really capable of doing this sort of thing.

They never understand what a psychopath is capable of.

We each got a yin,yang, pure bliss inside ourselves

And alsoa yang, the darknesss. So we can chose the light.

You gotta have a yin (light) to be able to chose the darkness

You gotta have a yang (dark) to be able to chose the light

But this is satanic people!

They enjoy it, it is soulless most likely

I mean it gotta be...

Maybe it is the choice they make, to give up that part of themselves

It is extremely important to understand that these people get same bliss out of Murder, as those who sit in the light, often called Nirvana get out of that. There's also a dark side to life! .....

We must not deny this.... some eople are so low

You cannot reason with these people

You got to realize what the energy IS, what controls these people

Mainsteam media perverts you, via their words

Mainsteam media twists the plot to perversion

Prince Justin has a sexual affair with a 8 year old child, becomes 'had a small scandal'

they put in word scandal

to pervert it

Now it doesn't sound so bad

You get desentizied to it

Next minute Prince James had a small scandal with a 10 year old child.

That's what they do
These evil people own the press, associated media

Adding the word scandal makes things not sound so bad.

They pervert, child paedophilia, mainstream media

And they shove it into our faces, to make it seem 'normal'

In Category.
Real news
Podesta emails
Child trafficking rings
Paedophilia by your government
Government leaders paedophilia
Child molestation
Child torturing
Child sacriice to satan
Satanic child traffickers
Satanic ritualistic abuse of children
Satanic abuse of children by highstanding government agents
The dark 'Cabal'
Child paedophilia by your 'loving' government!
Hidden child paedophilia, by government and media!
Media hides child paedophilia, officially, and covertly
Politicians deny all, yet many have been busted before doing these activities
Take a look at who deny the case out blank: politicians, mainstream media (many of these people are known paedophiles, convincted in past or know convincted people)
These people get away with it, as they are highstanding officials, control lawmaking, above the law. As politicians or royalists they cannot even be prosecuted , according to law!
The ruling elite
The evil elite
Pizza gate case, revealed
Pizzagate is lied upon, covered up by mainstream media!!

Take a note people. This is a wonderful opportunity to Finally expose this ruling elite of nasty people we have upon our government. If only people would take notice!!

2017-09-15 - Af Jesus Is Light

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Innocents Behind Bars (A Listing). In the USA, dozens of people are sitting life in prison, for victimless crimes!
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See also War on Drugs

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