> The dangers of Silver iodine. Silver weather manipulation. Cloud seeding/cloud forming

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The dangers of Silver iodine. Silver weather manipulation. Cloud seeding/cloud forming
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The dangers of Silver iodine. Silver weather manipulation. Cloud seeding/cloud forming

Say no to snake oil

No to silver iodine , weather manipulation

No to ayavedic medicine. Ayavedic. Ayaveda gold silver snakeoil. This is a fake medicine. That sells like was it gold. Good sellers. Poor buyers, they won't keep their health for long. Ayavedic is a fake medicine, just like doctors are fake medicine. Both can help you short term, but will kill you long term. I would recommend neither. Very dangerous for your health. Both promote snake oil and hurt your health. Doctors can put you to your grave. Ayavedic medicine kills people, intoxifies people. And deludes people too, I know several people who have been deluded by their medicine. It only hurt their health, and it often contains heavymetals too. If it was of god, it would do neither. Don't trust them people.

But silver iodine?
What does it do

They use it for cloud seeding, cloud formation, geo engineering. Geo physics. Geology. Fine labels and all

But did you know it is a known toxin, can even give cancer and more.

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It hurts wildlife, they won't tell you this though before they fly it over land and drop it onto clouds.

It is heavily researched, and cloud seeding is a billion dollar business now

Because few people know the real dangers

The real dangers are retardation, alzheimers, silver can cause this when inhaled or eaten. Silver is highly toxic to water environment, and if you were to drop it there, you would get arrested, put in jail.

How come the geo engineers are not that then?

Is it because they in their fine titles have forgotten all about the dangers about polluting the earth, mother nature?

You cannot buy yourself to your health with fine titles.

You gotta stop this abmonination, this illegal and highly dangerous activity. Our state drops silver on us. This is a highly researched topic, look it up people.

Weather manipulation it is called. Sometimes also chemtrailing. They been at it since the 1980s or prior. Some say as far back as the 1960s.

Open your eyes people to what your government is doing to you!

I won't tolerate it any more. Now I'm going to spread the truth of what this nasty molecule really does.

It dumbs down people. Silver retards all mental processes in people.

It can cause all sorts of problems in the human body, and animal,wildlife, fish etc.

It is illegal to dump it into water, as silver is highly toxic to aquatic solutions. Yet people still dump it onto their crops

Where is the logic in this?

Have the farmers gone insane, to earn money?

We need god back in this country
Only god can save america, or any other country.

We can not ourselves. We need HIS righteousness.

Pray to jesus people.

This is what ayavedic medicin is really about. Dont buy it people. I tried it, several times. Got it for free.

I dont trust it. At all.

God tells us we need nothing. Self healing in the self, bodily form is ALWAYS an illusion.

Dont trust no sellers promoting snake oil to you, or any pill

God enlightens, ayavedic medicine takes your will away to live!

It pretends to heal you, while taking all your money, for a 'pretty looking product'

While giving you the 'used car salesman talk of mouth'

On how "good it is"

In Category.
Danger of Ayavedic Medicine
Ayavedic medicine contains lead often, from india according to Wikipedia, many sources. Science tested
The state dumps poison in your head, silver iodine
Farmers buy cloud seeding and dump poison in their own heads, and your head. And on the crops
Weather manipulation is not good, nor of god
Your state is doing weather manipulation, they have a machine that is called HAARP that can modify the weather
Meterology weather manipulation
Dangers of Meterology, they modify the weather using silver iodine
Say no to snakeoil
Say no to snakeoil Ayaveda Ayavedic medicine
Say no to snakeoil Transcendental Meditation (ayaveda promoter)
Say no to nano silver
Say no to nano silver (ionic silver), snakeoil salesman tricks
Ionic silver cheap saleswords, but harmful to your health possibly. It is better to stay safe. Don't buy it.
How ionic silver is promoted as people's savior. But rarely cures people.
How silver iodine cloud seeding is promoted as people's savior. But damages your health, customers health.
There is only one Savior, Jesus. He is not to be reinvented for your liking people. Not in the form of a good bottled product. Nor a drug. Nor ayaveda. Nor cloud seeding (to play god). Jesus died for your sins. REPENT REPENT REPENT your sins. Jesus has love for all. And he will forgive you too, if you repent of a sincere heart, all your sins. The truth shall set you free. Jesus I S THE TRUTH. It even says so in the bible in several places. "I am the truth the light the salavation, noone comes to god , our father before me.". Repent people!! Before it is too late. You will be judged for your actions, those good, and those bad. It is best to stay clear with god.

Read more

Cloud Seeding - A danger to humans and wildlife!

Cessna 210 cloud seeding equipment, mounted on plane

Cloud Seeding on wikipedia!
Weather manipulation for your tax dollars!

Don't become a meterolog. Or geophysicist. They approve of this crime against humanity. How I know? it is geo physicists and meterologists who do cloud seeding using radar and cessna planes, and silver iodine. This harmful beast of an experiment un us all.

It hurts animals, the earth and humans. It even hurts our offspring... people are born with too small heads. Silver gives growth retardation, highly toxic to the environment.

If you are a farmer you need to stop this, even if they claim they use dry ice, it is a lie. They will spray the silver instead, as they claim it is equally nontoxic..... your households health will pay price, your customers.... they will all get poisoned, without knowing!

The DANGERS of silver iodine, in cloud seeding for farmers [Weather Manipulation by your government]

2017-10-05 - Af Jesus Is Light

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Innocents Behind Bars (A Listing). In the USA, dozens of people are sitting life in prison, for victimless crimes!
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See also War on Drugs

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