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10 Reasons 911 Was Fake, Lied About
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10 Reasons 911 Was Fake, Lied About

I'm not a fan of the official explanation by the gov, nor fan of accepting things shown on tv once, as fact.
Here are some reasons you may not want to accept the official explanation, like many don't / most nonmainstream believers. Stop watching tv, make your own mind.

What really happened

Evidence against our leaders appears very strong. Are our leaders acting against us again?

1. Government been to war ever since. It was reason for bush to go to war. War has been going on since sept 2001, every day since
2. It urged possibility for tightening terror laws upon the public, the citizens, more control.
3. It gave fear to the mass of terror
4. Fear is a powerful weapon, and Us gov entities have been researching fear, inside jobs as weapons against the public or enemy before. They do propaganda i.e. as Psyops is a powerful weapon, mass consciousness control
5. It wasa control of consciousness, by putting public into fear, they're easier to control and manipulate to do anything
6. Now all is allowed. Surveilance. War.
7. It was shown on tv, tv never shows truth. And it was made sure everyone saw it, several times. Repeat footage
8. It was talked about everywhere, what is talked about everywhere is not always true. The attack may be true. But who was behind may not. Notice how terror is always talked about a lot. But we never hear who is really behind. Terror is a powerful weapon. And the terror laws are too, it can criminalize anyone as snowden says. You can get life in prison without a warrant / court decision, if you are suspected of terror. Terror is truly the governments most powerful weapon, to control public via fear, or take their rights away. No wonder it happens all the time
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9. It is said the government often arranges the wars, and know the enemy.
10. Many say the towers could only go down the way they did, if it was a controlled demolition. Building 7 i.e. And the strange images in the clouds. Could be coincidence.

11. 2 planes, into 2 towers. And both towers went down. In one day. By unknown terrorists. Flown perfectly into the building. Another hitting pentagon. What are the oddds. Terrorists flying airplanes and landing them like precision missiles?

What are the odds of the most safe building in the world, fire, earthquake proof by design, going down?

And not just 1, but 2?

They never gone down before, they been burning for days before, similar buildings. The steel won't melt.

But gov claims airplanes melt steel, even though engineers disagree.

What are the odds BOTH towers went down, perfect hit on both?

I mean... 1 would be pretty lucky. Those buildings are earthquake proof, fire proof. They can burn for weeks without going down. Less safe buildings than those.

They were state of the art.

But to hit 2 ,and get 2 down

And hit pentagon too. First hit.

You gotta be kidding me.
This sounds like mass sheep history book.

12. Your government lies to you all the time. Via news, tv. Daily. They own the news. The news is cia controlled. That's why there is certain things you will never see on the news. If it was to make news, it would be stopped. This attack, was not launched live. It was launched later, all over the world. World news is controlled by gov, cia intelligence.

This is to control flow of information to public.

13. Your government lies in many ways, and how snowden can be called a traitor for spreading the TRUTH, should say all, how corrupt our 'loving gov' really is. Now with assange too. 2 people life in prison, for the truth. But these are not the only people showing us our gov has trouble keeping the truth. Look at our corrupt politicians and their court cases that never come, they are free from legal proceedings. They can do anything and get away with it, above the law. Look what they do to children. Podesta emails. If it doesn't make you puke, then well......

Please Note People:
I'm not telling you what to believe here. But I am greatly warning you about believing in the official government story shown on national tv, all over the world. For a few minutes. And letting it be your history of the event.

That is not proper science research. There are many supposed engineers who testimony these buildings could not have gone down, in fact thousands and they have signed a petition to get it clarified

I just don't accept the tv message into my consciousness. A thing that happens on tv is not real to me. But to many people they make the mistake, to trust tv.

Trusting tv can be a fatal event in our life. It can destroy our life.

Tv must never be trusted.

It is an offence to my consciousness to believe anything shown on tv. For I know how much our politicians lie. I take great care if, when I vote. I do believe I can change some few things by voting, for an equal society.

But I let not voting be my life, nor tv.

Any thing on tv, I never trust. It could all be one big lie.

Trusting a lie, can hurt my heart, and life.

The end result is that I leave it to you to deceive if the event was real or not. The only evidence seems to be 2-5mins footage on tv.

That 300+ fire department people died, does not mean it is real. But deep respect to them and may they rest in peace, for others evil deeds.

It could still be government staged, to get us into war.

A government could want to do these things.

It could also not be.

In end, I can not tell easily. Just that I tend not to trust the story the slightest bit. And I just wanted to warn people here.

The SNOWDEN case made a pretty, very good point, how we can surely not trust our government the slightest bit. And internet censurship is making the point even deeper. Don't trust no gov people.

Safeguard yourself and your family. You never know what that gov will do next.

Life in prison , for truth. Only in Empire Of Lies, as is said.

Snowden should make us question ALL OUR GOVERNMENT does.

As should internet censurship, facebook information censurship. Facebook is taking over the internet and banning real news, only allowing government approved news to come to people.

Now they will only get news from people they already know. News related to what they already know.

It keeps them nice and slaveminded.

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