> Ufo guy, set up for child porn? , is it a psy ops?

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Ufo guy, set up for child porn? , is it a psy ops?
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Ufo guy, set up for child porn? , is it a psy ops?

Stan romanek, age 54, living wit his wife for years, has been falsely accused of child pornography on his pc, and convicted now

The city police, Loveland , ironic name, that he lives in, has had one of the cops convicted of lying in court , according to media. But he still did the testimony in court on the case alledgedly.

Stan claims he was set up.

The case came a few months, maybe 6-12 months after he published his ufo book, about ufo encounters and 'visitations' from other worlds.

Was it the gov that didn't want us to know?

We have all heard about how certain people are shut up, and what more powerful way to shut people up than convict them of child pornography.

His wife says he is innocent.

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His wife seems openminded, into love and light and all, or so she claims.

They both wrote a book, about ufos, she had encounters too.

Is it the gov who doesn't want this out?

It happened right after publishing his book, and movie ' Messages' , where he claims to recieve telepathic messages from these entities, of peace.

Or is this a conman?

You think he is innocent or guilty?

There are dozens of people in prison in the USA for life, for innocent crimes. He would only be one.

But it is hard to tell on people from their face.

His homepage is down now. But you can find videos with him on the net.

Or twitter feed of his wife now, they are collecting in donations, to get an appeal.

Are they innocent?

Or is it a big nasty collection of your money?

Well I put the case here, to make you make up your own mind.
It seems weird, he got convicted months after his ufo messages, book came out.

It is in all media now, Stan romanek. Google him. Convicted of childporn. All in his city knows it now.

You can find it everywhere. The case is real!

So.. did they shut him up?

I don't like bringing up evil people. But it made me think. We can not always see on a person's face if they are a liar. It can be hard.

Maybe check his works. If he is saying the truth, and his wife too, Justice must prevail. But they don't have money for an appeal. The court decided he was guilty without reverse arguments (arguments against stan being guilty of child pornography).

He now sits in jail, for supposedly innocent crime.

It hurts my heart to see if it is real. I do not know if it is real. But I trust it is real, since why would 2 people lie, Stan and his Wife. And sell books, then convicted of the most nasty thing next.

And on his pc....

They claim he had files on his pc.

Stan claims it was hacked and files put on his pc.

Stan and his Wife, Lisa

Stan writes equations under hypnosis and in sleep, he claims to have received in contact with ExtraTerrestials

They don't look like child molestors?

Did the gov shut them up, to avoid the truth getting out?

Or did someone hack Stan's pc, like he claims happened...?

Images shared for debate, according to Fda general principles of enabling free public speech and debate. If any problems, please do not hessitate to contact me and I wil
l put it down.

Stan has been featured on many different shows, and on Tv, before getting Convicted!

Tv, radio, soul tv, ufo conferences

Maybe that's why they got to him. He says he was beaten up by strangers too, for exposing this stuff

That he is not officially convicted by gov, all media says so, adds belief to his story.
Media says he is convicted of child porn, all over google.

I mean, it could mean he really had ET contact. The gov doesn't want that out!

But we also have to look at the other side, maybe Stan is working for gov, and making Ufo guys look bad
so the gov can ridicule ufo people, with ridicule words like 'conspiracy nut', 'child molester'

This way noone will take ufo guys seriously. But I DOUBT THAT

These 2 people do not look like they would be working for the gov.

It is much more likely he was set up, or someone hacked his pc. I guess the former. Since he first was convicted after being POPULAR ON TV.
Gov hates the truth getting out, about ufos

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