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2595 - The Music Soul Connection

2594 - Yoga is a satanic hellhole. 'I will be your yoga instructor for eternity' — says Devil!

2593 - Save Mother Nature. Plant A Tree!

2592 - The truth doesn't change just because you don't want to hear it

2591 - Turn it up...

2590 - Pure consciousness... is not about

2589 - Fear of the Lord

2588 - You can only win over a deceiver, a thief, a wicked man by

2587 - Proverbs 9:6-8 ESV

2586 - Psalm 131:1 KJV

2585 - Spiritual Disciplines

2584 - Do not be afraid

2583 - Hvem er Danmarks Naturfredningsforening i virkeligheden?

2582 - This is how the NWO is working


2580 - E-Type - Here I Go Again , 1990s , good 90s number ~ Eu dance EURODANCE Trance ~ Yes

2579 - Your friends can make you or break you. Chose them carefully, I say.

2578 - Occult is addictive people

2577 - Shamanism is a false religion spread by the wicked

2576 - We all want to believe something people # Part 2 ! (Continued)

2575 - We all want to believe something people

2574 - Mislead

2573 - Tumblr image of today

2572 - The foolishness of the philosopher

2571 - The danger of Pride

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Read more: The celebration of Good Friday in Christian religion and many christian churches. This date is very important for a very specific reason. Jesus nailed the curse to his cross on this day, he took the curse away from humanity. And here you can see why this date is so important to us christians. Click link above.