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2402 - Physical Suffering Brings Awakening: Spiritual GROWTH

2401 - Abortion is Murder, Abortion Clinincs is Murder (&Planned Parenthood is a Satanic invention, do NOT do it)

2400 - Not by might, not by power, but by Holy Spirit


2398 - Self righteousnesses are as filthy rags in the sight of God.

2397 - There is no good nothing

2396 - Beauty comes from within; not in world

2395 - Love is the ONLY TRUTH THERE IS

2394 - There is no good school

2393 - There is no good work

2392 - There is no good consumer product

2391 - There is no good food

2390 - There is no good politician

2389 - There is no real love in this world

2388 - There is no real Physicist

2387 - There is no real Witch, or Psychic, or Clairvoyant

2386 - There is No good store

2385 - There is No Education

2384 - There is No Politics

2383 - To Leave Something Behind (Sean Rowe Cover)

2382 - The Unconditional Love

2381 - Proverbs 15:9 Today

2380 - Solen er så rød, mor (børnesang)

2379 - Homosexuality is a Filthy Sin

2378 - There is No War On Drugs!

Source www.rlogin.dk , and gods holy spirit. May the Holy Spirit be with us all. In prayer and in daily life!

Read more: The celebration of Good Friday in Christian religion and many christian churches. This date is very important for a very specific reason. Jesus nailed the curse to his cross on this day, he took the curse away from humanity.