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The Kabbalah Dark Cult: They Summon Satans Demons Into Your Body!
Kabbalah, what is it really about. Is it just the new fun joy, and men's club, of occult?            Or is it satans dark agenda to steal your soul forever and ever?            As a christian I must warn you strongly about this, and especially if you are a witch or satanist or the like, pagan, goth etc. Then you are likely already doctrinated into the occult, thinking it is just fun and games. Popular movies like Harry Potter (with real witchcraft) and the Wizard of Oz. makes it sound like a real joy.  &n

10 Reasons 911 Was Fake, Lied About
I'm not a fan of the official explanation by the gov, nor fan of accepting things shown on tv once, as fact.      Here are some reasons you may not want to accept the official explanation, like many don't / most nonmainstream believers. Stop watching tv, make your own mind.                        What really happened            Evidence against our leaders appears very strong. Are our leaders acting against us again? &nbs

Cloud Seeding - A danger to humans and wildlife!
            HAARP responsible for recent hurricanes? .. physicist thinks so...                  Michio Kaku Describes how “Trillion Watt Lasers” Can Modify The Weather in CBS Interview            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viMH3K2xmpI                  What are they using?. Well , Silveriodine , and it is a POISON to wildlife, an

Freemasons. It's deadly people.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TQW99g8aUE                  This guy knows some truth      People wanting to open their minds should listen to him.            There's a reason he is highly ridiculed in mainstream media            Turn off that tv.                         &n

Pollution of plastic in environment... and the health costs, plastic is carcinogenic
      FACT: Water is the most important ingredient for your body. 80% of body is water. Pure water is absolutely essential for HEALTH                  Water is SACRED... but not to ALL PEOPlE.... THERE ARE SOME HERE WHO POLLUTE ON MOTHER EARTH; AND WE THE REST NOW PAY THE PRICE... WITH OUR HEALTH!            Pure water is essential for all body and mind processes            Plastic is not biodegra

Glory to God in the heavens

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