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4 People Innocently Imprisoned For Life.. War on drugs
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4 People Innocently Imprisoned For Life.. War on drugs

Are drug laws a control of consciousness, a banning of putting into your body what is your own right?

No other way to explain people getting life in prison for victimless crimes, by the dozen

And nobody is doing anything.... here's just a short list...

Even natural drugs give life in prison... can we trust this state with ANYTHING??

Life in prison for Victimless Crimes

Ross Ulbricht, Life in prison for LSD 2017
This college student with a masters degree in physics got life in prison for running a drug market on his pc, and for trafficking up to 10mg of lsd
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Willian Leonard Pickard, Life in prison for LSD
A drug chemist, with several bachelors degrees from university

A hippie caught using LSD sentenced to life in prison , in 1993

Life in prison for marijuana smuggling

And this is just a short list of people wrongfully imprisoned in the us

This is not just state injustice

This is not just insanity

This is not just error in government logic

This is an abomination , crime against HUMANITY!

Please share

Send to all you know

Inform, how corrupt your "loving" government really is

Why are these drugs such a great threat to the government

Is it because they show the user some truth to the system, make the user rebel?

Why are they such a great threat?
These 3 drugs are some of the only that give life in prison: LSD, Ecstasy, Marijuana (Cannabis)

Most others do not..

Not even murder will get you life in prison in many countries

Child molestation gives only 5 years in Denmark

If you can still look your government in the eyes without being disgusted, you didn't read this article properly!

But nothing is gonna change

As long as people keep accepting it

Not demanding a solution by their people in senate

Not changing their vote if they don't get a solution

Do I support life in prison for victimless crimes?

Do I support life for drugs??

Anyone should ask themselvs this.

And why does state promote,taxate the deadliest drugs according to science: alcohol and tobacco. Known to cause multiple types of cancer. They are at the top known for causing harm to mankind, human body. And addiction.

The hardest drugs according to science, are already legal. As dangerous to take as heroin science says.

I'm not urging drugs here, just the questioning. We are living in an insane world. And people are blindly following sheep flock, supporting it. Not saying NO.

No more


No insanity here

I will not support it

I will change my vote, I will stop supporting the system, if this madness goes on

If it doesn't change, very fast!

Is it a control of consciousness, which many think?

That we are not allowed control over our own body?

But have a big mother government telling us what we can and can not put into our body?

The Why Of Drug Laws

It is ok to have drug laws and a state, the state is here to protect the people.

But the state has gone too far when it gives above 5 or 10 years sentences for drug offences.

In theory drugs should give no jail at all. For it is person's own body. But it won't work in our actual society.

We need rule keepers.

But this is a disgrace on the people, innocents are suffering life in jail, due to our lawmakers.

How can we have faith in the law, when the law puts innocents in jail for life?

The law is here to make sure the real criminals , murderers, psychopaths, are those who end up in jail. But something is wrong, the innocents are ending up in prison, and the bad guys are staying out, due to bullying tactics or corruption schemes.

It is possible to corrupt our law, law system, court, due to politics.

And this must not happen.

Our law system is absolutely essential for people to have faith in our society!

Spread this word please. Please let the innocents out of jail. No human is evil enough to deserve life in prison, for a drug.

Drugs are free choice. Most drugs are nonharmful scientifically.

We have been deceiving ourselves via our propaganda by state. We should be listening more to science. Stop overly banning marijuana, but it is ok it is illegal.

Find a middle ground. It has medicinal potential.

I do not think marijuana does anything good with everyday use. For the bible clearly says not to intoxify ourselves.

But I also don't think anybody deserves life for seeking out own desires. This is a victimless crime. And worse, dozens of people are in there.

If this goes on, all people will lose faith in our state. It could even become a public rebellion.

So it is important, of utmost critical need that the court, US court system take this up. Obama etc.

Obama has pardoned some, up to a dozen or two, drug users from life in prison. But forgotten others.

Please talk to him!

More innocents victimized for drugs, life in prison sentences for the innocent

Life in prison for mother, for 1/16 of Cocaine (1/16 ounce):

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We need your help people to reach the state
Please contact your senator!

2017-09-28 - Af Jesus Is Light

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Innocents Behind Bars (A Listing). In the USA, dozens of people are sitting life in prison, for victimless crimes!
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