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Hacker News cb20898 - Gnu Longopts, a necessity or not. Necessary evil?
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Hacker News cb20898 - Gnu Longopts, a necessity or not. Necessary evil?

Gnu longopts, are they necessary? really?

They take a beautiful system and beautiful sourcecode and turns it nasty looking in my opinion.

Is it possible to turn off in at compiletime?

Not everyone may want longoptions (--long-opt-here=yes , instead of -o i.e.)

Is it really necessary?

Gnu , linux as a system could be much more beautiful without them

But then many programs today are:
1. so sophisticated they run out of options (a-z in english language)
2. because they have many compile time flags, they run out of normal opts, so it was decided for longopts for this
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Has our system become too complex?

On bsd and the like they understand the simpliity of no long opts

Maybe I need a computing saint like Stallman to explain this to me, I don't see the beauty of longopts, that many gnu people advocate.

I think they clutter up the system.
Of what could be beauty and elegance in every way, now it is an ugly mess.

My Ride:

ibm x40 2002 laptop (best supported linux laptop, or close to it.. geeks know this one) + pcmcia 3gcard

People.. Please Enlighten Me!

On This subject..

Btw... I won't necessarily use 3g, support radiation of the public. Only in the case Wifi is not available. Or Corded. I prefer corded internet in some cases. It is much healthier, and battery saving.

Here's what I would like to see...

- Slackware GNU+Linux w. Home compiled Vanilla kernel, kernel.org

Got Slack?

- No gnu long opts, turn off at compile time. They depend a library, and may be possible to disable them. They're too gnucious.
- Gnu Base.. all you need people!
- Perhaps X11
- Lilo boot loader (clearly best bootloader..)

I think it respects proper freedom values.

But if not may have to make my own distro.... I heard no distro is totally free. So I could imagine tarballing from gnu.org and kernel.org my own dist onto usb harddisk.

But who has the time?

It will Run optimally... for sure... oh yes.. Slack's the cool... and gnu.

It will be my next project, there is something beautiful about knowing a thing runs optimally. I could get firefox in the least annoying version and all this way. All versions annoy me, but some less than others. Prob with firefox is it forces you to upgrade to newest pc. Doesn't work on slow pcs, and they also urge nonfree things on their mozilla homepage. Clearly lost their freedom to eyecandy. Eyecandy all over today. Which slows down the browser markedly on older pcs. Meaning my surf experience is almost nonexisting. It's too slow today. Yet older firefoxes were not.

You may wonder who I am since you came to read this article. I am a computing professional who dropped out of my bachelors in physics/math. I used to work at isps for a living, coding and systemadministration, as well as networking primarily on GNU/Linux systems.

But most of my experience is my sparetime where I have run GNU/Linux since 2003 on all my systems. Or almost all.

I find it a very good programmer, hacker os. A necessity if you are a hacker.

What is a hacker? not the evil crackers you might think of.

A hacker is clever playfulness as it is often defined. Curiosity the crime. They may enter systems, some hackers, for fun and due to curious. But they never exploit others/hurt others.

They will leave a note this system is vulnerable.

Yet this is only the white hack or grey hat hackers.

Black hat exists too.. they're the bad guys.

Many hackers are also white hacker during the day, and when boss isnt looking, or if it looks too promising, become blackhat for a moment.

That's where hacking ethics come in.

I never hack for profit, anymore, not sure I ever did.

But only for fun. And to expand my knowledge.

I like gaining godly like skills on the computer. No limits.

As a hacker you can enter any system, no system is secure.

Security an illusion. There is always a backdoor.

No webserver is secure.

But this brings me again back to ethical hacking.

2017-07-02 - Af Jesus Is Light

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