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Anne linnet musik
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Anne linnet musik

God musik

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Prøv da "1000 stykker" med hende

2017-08-04 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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Anne linnet musik
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CD Warp Drive Medium! Sony invented the laser player?

Discman is best..

Benefits? Record live onto Minidisc medium (M-Disc)

650Megs capacity, about 65mins

Digital recording... last a lifetime

I got one I found... just gotta repair it. There's a certain elegance to it. But hard to chose. Walkmans with tapes may be superior to it all. You never worry those break... but a minidisc is a hard to find replacements for

Oh yes...
You can say

A part of misses.

Tapes, lps, floppies, minidisc
and mini cds

It was just elegant.

And I won't stop using. At least not as long as they do my needs. If I find something better suited to my needs, I will change.

One day I will get a walkman again I hope. That was the ultimate. It's like zen meditation, reversing those tapes. You don't get a portable music player with built in meditation like that any other way.

And tapes were so cheap, it's bliss. Not the least to find used tapes for cheap.

If my purpose is something in the world, one of its joyful enjoyments is to go to used markets and find used music, cds, tapes. Sometimes I find it for free too, at my local recyclestation. People throw it out. I find that a shame.

People are so eager to get the newest new that they throw out perfectly good music. Even top bands.

Lately I got, guess what... 3 tapes...
Bethoven Symphony no. 9
Sissel Kirkeby

Which sparked my curiosity... now I just need a method to play them. It's tapes

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