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Natural Antibiotics for Infections
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The Potent Natural Antibiotics for Infections

1. Honey... Heals Many Types Of Infections. The Golden Liquid Used By Ancient Egyptians

Parasites, Candida in gut, Diabetes prestages, Insulin sensitivity, Infection in body, on body, in gut. Candida that has spread. Intensely effective against "leaky gut" that many have after antibiotic treatments. Leaky gut can even be deadly. Honey can heal damaged intestinal lining, like probiotics can.

Honey furthermore has eternal shelf life. Did you know they found honey thousands of years old and tasted it, from egypt times?

It still was eatable. Eternal shelf life.

That's the good foods of nature.
Oatmeal keeps very long too.

- A healthy candy
- Antibiotic
- Prevents diabetes
- Heals the gut (contains natural peroxide)
- Healing to body
- Sugar replacement. Excellent in Chamomille tea!. A very healthy sugar. You will feel better from eating honey than sugar. Feels good in body.

2. Garlic... The Mediterran Healer & Chinese Doctor Plant

Worms, parasites, severe infections, mild infections, cold, flu, influenza. Nature's best antibiotic. Really potent antibiotic!

- Potent antibiotic that kills even the most severe infections
- Great for urinary tract infections
- Bladder infections
- Severe infections
- Infections where normal antibiotic treatment failed to work, or came back
- Resistant to treatment infections
- Great for worm, parasites

3. Olive oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coldpressed) An Antiaging Herb, Mediterran diet

has a mild antiparasitic, antibiotic effect
- Gives smooth skin
- Filled with omega3s, for healthy brain
- Omega3s for clear skin
- Increases mind clarity (due to omega3)
- Prevents Cardiovascular disease
- Antiaging
- Healthiest fat on the planet
- Great moisturizer for hands, feet, face etc. No bad/unsafe ingredients.
- Great for skin

I take a small shotglass each morning (a capful), it gives glowing skin. Smooths out the skin. Reduces acne markedly. Never get that if I use olive oil. Never dry skin again.
Fight dry skin from within, take olive oil!

It also aids memory I noticed I think. It contains lots of omega3 for brain. Gives a sharp mind.

But biggest reason I take it, is due to cardiovascular protective effects. It can reverse aging in the body. If you eat very unhealthy or have done so, or smoked. It may be good to counteract this damage to your veins in body. Live to be a 100. Take a small amount of olive oil each day.

It has science proven effects of anti aging. I just notice clearer skin, sharper mind. Not sure about the last thing. With clearer skin comes soft skin whole body. Meaning arms, feet, hands feel soft and smooth like never before. Very healing.

4. Coconut oil... A Remarkably Healthy Ingredient Of Nature

a powerful antibiotic of nature. Can in many cases cure in first try or a few tries. Also work on foot fungus. Smear on a small amount, put a bag outside for 30mins. Works better than pharmacy creams.
- Great for cooking
- Healthiest fat on the planet
- Great for foot fungus or ezema
- Infections on skin
- Infections in body

Remember to buy organic or you may get a sprayed food/herb. You get the most healing effect only with organic.

With olive oil and coconut oil it is important to chose the coldpressed extra virgin variety, as the other types have been heat processed. Thus they no longer retain the maximum nutrients or healing qualities we want.

Notice that infections can be emotional based too. Often people get antibiotics when not needed, when it would clear up by itself. It feels good to 'get the big cure'. But in actuality we may pick up emotional trauma from others daily, others pain. Or some have childhood trauma, can give infections too.

Before treating, consider if it could be emotional based. It is often in at least 50% of cases for most people.

Emotional pain can leave the body vulnerable to illness. Less able to fight off infections. Just like stress can. A stressed person can get sick very easily. It is said it sets itself in the stomach. May get stomach wound.

So to heal, must heal both emotional parts and physical parts. Cannot heal one without the other. You also may get emotional pain from being sick too long, uncureable infections. Many women know this pain, infections that keep coming back.

It may take a big lifestyle change, apple cider vinegar is very useful for infections of UTI kind too, as it adjust body ph.

The doctor only fixes one thing, but you can heal your body wholistically. As a whole. Thus become much more healthy.

To heal utis,many people may need to heal emotional, childhood trauma, wrong diet (too acidic diet), life stress, and lastly physical infections.

You see, physical only a small part of the picture.

But a doctor treats all as physical, a big error in many cases. Though they are right on one part. They don't take our multidimensional selves into account.

Esp wrong body ph is important to correct, meat gives too acidic blood, ph, and can thus give many infections easily, or inflammation in the body.

Eat alkaline diet,or take apple cider vinegar if you got infections! It's very useful for infections. Healed mine right away. And I have to take it once in a while to not get them back.

To Consider

Probiotics, if you had many antibiotics treatments. They can even be deadly if overdone those antibiotics. Severe life threatening complications are possible. If you got severe illness , infection, go for garlic. Nature's best antibiotic. But use probiotics to repair your intestines. Symptoms of leaky gut are very easy to feel, eat anything with sugar in , anything, you will feel it instantly in hands within 5mins. Eat a smoothie, your level of consciousness may change, may feel dizzy and weak, sick, and hand swelling, arm swelling, hand color change. Such strangenesses. Itching all over. Itching all over from All foods. No matter the food. Itch. That's a damaged gut lining right there. You may notice your hands look discolored and red after eating anything, even vegetables. Due to leaky gut. The enzymes and vitamins in fruits are not ment to go directly into blood as in the case of a leaky gut. And it can hurt the body. No it is ment to be processed by liver, kidneys and gut. Having a leaky gut can actually be deadly, many fruits, foods contain poisons that must not go directly into the blood without being processed. I.e. antifungals and more that they make themselves to fight off microbes. A leaky gut is very bad for your overall health. It can give symptoms such as dizziness, itchyness, fainting feeling after eating, or just swelling after eating. But that is just my experience so far. Never had it before many antibiotic treatments. I can't feel my hands after I eat when I got it. It can be that severe. But skin whole body. Can't feel feet either. May itch in eyes right away too. Strange things all over body if you got leaky gut. Leaky gut is your worst enemy. Your gut normally fights off infections and microbes on food. With a leaky gut you may get infections that will not clear up or get dangerous vira from food that may kill you. A gut is a big part of the body's immune system, most foods contain dangerous things i.e. Earth. And not able to fight it off, can be dangerous. So always keep a working gut. Probiotics, alkaline diet (leafy greens). Use a temporary garlic treatment too, will clear it all up. But see all the tips above.

2017-05-04 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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