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Are we blind to the benefits of Piracy ?

DirectConnect , a geeks best friend :)

Leech 100GB at once, of sorted quality material.

Nothing is better.

You need to leech of the BBB guys, but first you need to upgrade your connection and share 100GB quality stuff to be allowed in with the cool guys.

I will not urge you to leech 100GB at once of mp3s from the RIAA, or any other antipirate org, could become nasty. I heard there may be undercovers, informers etc.

The screenshot above is a mediocre hub, many hubs have BBB (bredbaandsbolaget) 100mbit fibre people on and sharing 100-200GB sorted material each. Of course this was back in the 2000 days, wonder how much they share now each with 1TB disks being the norm now , instead of 50-80GB back then ?

You could fill your new 1TB disk in a few hours. Feels good :P
But that is possible with a good Torrent site too. Torrent is just not as good, far from it. Annoying to use , and not more secure necessarily , except you only get busted for one file each time there - so much less risk to you.
But DC++ is the real pirate way.

Only Napster would have been better / nearly as good.

Now that Piratebay has been down for 1-2 years after their bust I hope Napster and Direct Connect + eMule will come back. Oh, and IRC dcc transfers feel great too.

Law agencies are fighting a losing battle, no way they could even monitor 1% of the ways people share data online. FTP to BBB is also very popular, 100Mbit ftps are really nice especially when they got -everything- on them. All movies, games, programs.

Try before you buy, but remember to buy if you like.

If antipirate organizations were really interested in making sure noone pirates, they would stop putting 5 antipirate trailers on every movie, stop making copy protection on their sold cds.
They would listen to the users.

As long as the pirate version is better than the original version, people will keep copying.

If a producer makes something really great and of value, it will get sold, and piracy will even increase the sales in many cases I believe.
People who steal will steal no matter what. Many just try before buy. Many don't have money and would never have bought anyway.

It is nonsense spending time hunting pirates , except those that serve the whole world with copyrighted material. They should spend their time making great products that are attractive to the users. No DRM crap. No Copyprotection on CDS/dvds that make them unreadable or unuseable for backups etc.

Piracy is the solution to crappy software. And great software is the solution to piracy.
The pirates get lured in, and soon they must own that software in original version so they can always install it after formatting.

Windows 98 I would buy if I could find it from new locally i.e., same with good music cds and movies. But the mediocre cds/dvds I only watch once. So I want a preview before buy.
Today we got youtube to preview things on before buying which is great, why not let users preview in many other ways , as .mp3 ?

They could download full albums from youtube if they really wanted after all, users do that everyday via mp3fiber.com

But instead of helping spread artist awareness , youtube spends time on copyprotecting their stuff so people cannot download from there.

All that time spent could be better spent on better products. Society is insane sometimes. Afraid that their 'rights' will be copied.
Would you be afraid of pirates if you were a musician ?

I wouldn't... those are only like 5-15% of possible buyers. I would spend my time making a great record instead and great album design + quality cd/dvd. Make the product attractive, then there are plenty of sales. Would never miss money.

What metallica did against napster back in the 2000s was just showoff. But instead of getting money out of it, their fans got sickened over the band.

Lastly, I want to add that pirates often buy real CDs/music , in fact I have never seen a pirate who doesn't. Often they have an even greater consumption of music/movies due to prewatching them.

Pirating is a teen thing, and the recording industry treats it as being the greatest problem on earth. People grow up and start buying. But teenagers don't have much money. Isn't that ok they download then ?

The greatest problems on this earth is people wanting to retain copyright on ideas and things. This prevents progression of society. Makes us stupid.

The only place I think preventing music piracy is good is busting people from china etc. making REAL copies of cds and printing labels on them too. This should be very illegal. But else piracy is ok/good , a time waster, music producers spend their money on useless hunting of pirates.

So in summary, show your customers you care about them by making their album something special both musically and to look at - great album design. No DRM crap. Quality album covers and quality cds , instead of spending time hunting "pirates", it is a time waste. Real producers get recognized first month and get fame forever, no matter how many pirate them. They get their own private jets still. And money is not a reason most people becomes musicians after all, but because they love music, they can't stop. Anything more than food on the table is a bonus isn't it ?

You are welcome to use this article for your own reproduction and for sharing information on why piracy still seems to be a "problem" after 20 years of hunting internet pirates

Problems busting people for piracy online:
- they can be hacked and hacker downloads files on person's pc, so person has to pay a million in lawsuit, seen before..
- it cannot be proved it was that person using the pc at the time , or that pc being used - they may have had a friend or neighbor on their wireless internet
- it may be a poor student you hunt down that live off pasta each month, will never pay you
- getting money out of it seems impossible for the producers, advocates and lawsuit are more expensive than what they get
- the law doesn't allow producers to get money from people everytime, weak charges, anybody could have used the pc, or could be virus on pc that downloaded, no evidence... or weak evidence that doesn't hold in court
- piracy is mainly a teenage thing, you bust people who live with mom and dad, so parents have to pay what they didn't know their sons/daughters did, and go from house and car etc, job etc if you charge them in court..
- there are 1000s of file sharing protocols, no way you could hun't down even 1% of users, only some users use torrent today, others use irc, ftp, kazaa, emule, direct connect, icq/messenger/web uploads
- it is a waste of time that will set your career back as a musician
- you may hunt down legitimate customers of your product, so they will never buy your products again - they downloaded piracy version as original version was not available locally for buying
- limited availability locally so many resort to piracy,when stores don't have items
- piracy laws vary as much as you can imagine internationally between countries, so getting legal lawsuits through will be impossible for you in 95% of cases, most antipirate organizations go bankrupt quickly

If you use article, then please link back to original author article at rlogin.dk, thanks, all I ask for, so people can get to read this.

2015-09-20 - Af Maja Ingerslev
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