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The 12 Starsigns & Akillesheels for each starsign
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Akillesheels for each starsign

akillesheel of each starsign..

sagittarius.. dont lie to them or take their freedom
capricorn... dont take their time
gemini... dont downtalk their talking, or appear weak
leo... don't appear weak
aquarius... don't appear rational & normal thinking / take their freedom
libra... dont tell them to work or be responsible
pisces... dont tell them to sober up, or hurt the poor
scorpio... dont downtalk desires, or sexuality , or take their status
aries... dont downtalk their need to be primitive, their desire for others recognition (their ego)
taurus... dont downtalk their desire for comfort and home, money, relationships or expensive taste
virgo... dont downtalk their critical view on others
cancer... dont downtalk their home or ask them to come to you, they like their home

2017-05-05 - Af Maja Ingerslev
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