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Crystals for sale - Healing crystals
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Crystals for sale - Healing crystals

Rose Quartz

Unlimited unconditional love.
The stone of love and soul mate attraction. Which is the primary use many use this stone for. It aids love miracles of any kind in our life , miracles small as big.
It evolves our soul, for the soul is love. And it makes us a whole being, beyond comprehension. Spiritual development. As much as we are willing to open up. A favorite stone of healers out there, and psychics.
Price 40DKK


Facilitates contact with your guidian angel(s).
You can also do without. But crystals help.
Aids contact with the angels, and receiving guidance from them on earth plane. Aids communication to all people.

A good negotiator stone, also aids singing. It will make any negotiation peaceful. Peaceful talking to others.

Soothes any fearful situation, replaces worries with gods love.

Price 55DKK

Rare stone, only found in Peru

It opens will chakra and throat chakra, and boosts our self confidence, and also wisdom in what we do. So our creations reflect the most pure form of wisdom. More perfect creations than usual.

And same for our communication. More gentle with all people than usual. So all people respect our words by using this stone, for kind to all. In any situation.

How to buy?
Please post a message in comments below, write in your email when you post and that you wish to be contacted, and I will send you buying info. Thank you very much.

Buy 3 get 1 for free
If you buy 3 you get one additional for free. This is only with the rose quartz.

Shipping fee is 2.0 GBP ($3.10) within Europe, shipping time is 1 week delivery usually. It is possible to send outside Eu too.

1DKK = 0.15$ (1DKK=0.15USD)

Payment methods
• Bank transfer to (Sydbank account), Denmark
• Paypal (please add paypal fee when paying, or send 'as gift' for faster shipping. All else could incur paypal fees on me as a seller.)

Delivery time
Within Denmark 2-4 days sending time, but Post shipping time is 3-5 days on top of that, so expect up to a week delivery.

Within europe 1-2 weeks delivery. Overseas to UK within 2-3 days often.

Most items are 2-4 days, but some may be 4-5 days if not in stock anymore. In this case you will be noticed as a customer before shipment.

Rose quartz buy... Buy crystals in UK, Europe

Note as nature varies in its production methods, so will each crystal vary slightly in size and color, due to the way these crystals are produced in nature

The color may vary slightly, as no monitor displays color perfectly, and neither does any digital camera

Only satisfied customers. Any dissatisfaction, please contact me before downrating thank you. I will do all I can to solve **

Please have patience on the post today, they changed shipping times to 5 days within Denmark via Postnord

If you are satisfied with your item, please leave me a review below after receiving, thank you so much.

2017-07-13 - Af Maja Ingerslev
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