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Body is light, World is light
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Body is light, World is light

And god says, that is why you have blood

And god says, this is why you have a ... pancreas, or liver

And the orange spoke to him

By listening, the light will teach you
All is light

Incl your body, the 4 seasons which are holy. Holidyays.

Nothing without purpose

Each thing with a higher purpose

What is the purpose of dandelions? , or chamomille flowers?

chamomille flowers are connected with the sun, beauty, perfection (pi). But you think they got a consciousness of their own?

Eat them, gain their consciousness?

The will teach you if you eat them?


Listen and you can hear your body speak

Listen and you can hear the world speak to you

Body = light
World = light

Light language, is open to those able to tune to the heavenly frequencies

Only a child can understand the kingdom of god!

You must have the consciousness of a child to tune in. Only shamans do, or very spiritual people able to drop all notions.

These people can talk to the animals, plants, and have each living thing, as well as Dead Things speak to them

Spirits speak to them, dead spirits
Stones speak to them

It's because it's all light

Light contains consciousness, light is information

It means every cell in your body can teach you. Ask your body... why do I have a liver?
why do I have this sickness?
what am I on earth to do?

your body knows

your sol (red: soul) knows

Your soul is inserted into your bodily temple, for a few seasons, then it leaves the temple again to reunite with the thousand suns at our heavenly home

It has the plan with it all the time

Most people just forgot

Those who dare stop, and ask, remember!

What is my purpose on Earth?

What did I come here to do?

If you think you came here to earn money, you are gravely mistaken in most cases. Money just a small pleasure of our higher purpose.

Each human is here for a Divine Purpose. A soul blueprint. A creation purpose.

You chose to come here.

You come from infinity. Make a plan. Then enter your body. Your birth is destined my friend.

And your children are destined too.

That's why mothers often get premonitions about a coming child, in dreams.

Women are often more intuitive than men.
But men can learn to become just as spiritual as women.

Women carry the gift og the creative heart.
Men carry the gift of passion

Our sex,gender has a purpose too, from god!
But a self-realized person can have both sexes at once. People mistake them as female mistakenly.

Or genderless.

It's because they have activated their DNA, their divine feminine. They are now very spiritual.

A person who can access both male,female part of themselves, is a Whole Person.

A spiritual Complete person.

Such a person will become a very powerful healer of society.

There are few such people:
Eckhart Tolle
Dalai Lama

2017-07-19 - Af Maja Ingerslev
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