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Quake II & Halflife fun
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** Nostalgic Games Thread ** See This People! **

Behold people, this is not just any games list, or online games list. But the best. Of the best. I'm sure you will like any game on this list, and find endless playing hours in them. But don't take my words for it, try them out for yourself. I've been fragging noobs bigtime in these games, and the fun never ends. They are as good today as they were in 1998. In fact they get better with the age. Now that poorer fps games have arrived that are mostly only graphics. The real hardcore, fast paced quake games were made in another era, that the world doesn't see today. Back when a frag was a frag, and not an easy kill. Unreal tournament man. You know the good times. Where a pro was a pro. Oldskewl. And you would beg not to become hpw.

Maybe you know them already. These used to be very popular games, and still are. In fact Quake II gets rumored to be the only game you need to have on your pc. And I would have to agree to some extent. It is a must try, and more than just once. You really gotta try this game a few times to understand its sophistication and elegance. It has so many mods and varied gameplay in each mod, that it makes for an ultimate game that not even the classical unreal can beat. In fact it has all that UT has , and everything else. Hardcore unreal fans will really feel at home in this one. Idsoftware has spent a great deal of time improving the animations.

These games are still played online, big time. They gotta be some of my fav games. But it is hard to chose.

Enjoy. Here are my Top 3 games of all time for pc online play. And No, gta is not on. Though it is a good game too. It just comes nowhere close to these masterpieces. Try and you will see for yourself!

The Best Online Games List

No 1..on the list...... Quake 2

Quake 2 in The Frag Pipe | Fun Online Games

The Edge, The Fragpipe... oh boy. Does the quaker fun ever stop?. Own some spleens today, rush for the quad. Camp that railgun. This is the ultimate game of what online gaming can offer. Nothing comes even close. You simpy just gotta try this one. And more than once. The many mods make it such a unique and customizeable game, worth many hours of playing.

It has so many cool game features this game,and you can even speak together with teammates via Teamspeak program. No limits.. Did I mention that Quake 2 is free source code? it is... released by carmack, considered the best game out there by many people, that is crossplatform, meaning it supports freedom instead of monopoly. It will run on both windows, mac and linux. In fact this game runs better on linux than on windows, more fps.

Few linux games out there, quake 2 is one great one.

If you ask me, it will be easy to pick quake 2 over any other game. It is simply so much better. This is a game that will never get remotely boring. It is so cool you can make your own player skins too. And the mods are unseen in any other game, all from CTF to Lithium and Action Q2. Lithium is of course the best mod. But you can read much more about that on the links below at the Clanworld portal.
Quake 2 fun!.. Online at Clanworld , Yeah

Remember to chose the most rotten nickname you can!

Unfortunately sewerrat is already Taken. You will have to be more creative than that. Haha.

No 2... Halflife , CS 1.6

They dont make them like this anymore. And the online fps action of CS 1.6 is the uppermost elite you can find. The most fun fps game in history, many think. Any thing is possible in this game, and the fun never stops. It is hard to chose this one vs Quake II. But I think Quake 2 wins hands down. Yet I still like to play both.

Run faster with knife. Knife em all!. Get a face aim with that AWP. The fun maps of de_rats , or cs_office. Never gets boring!

Remember to spray.

This game has so many good maps. And counter strike is just a classic that everyone knows. But at times I forget it exists, and it is still equally fun each time I pick it up.

I like cs_militia, but somehow that is not played online anymore. Strange, and sad. It was the best map.

You remember?

You're coming round the corner


Hit by the head


give me
give it to me baby


I was waiting for you.
Sat there all day. With my sniper coffee.

No 3.... Red Alert

Nothing like Rushing with Tanks or Tanyaing the enemys base. Or what about the Nuke? Tesla coils are mandatory (if you're noob).

You just gotta try this fun rts game, online. It never gets boring!. Yes try it online. Single player is fun however. And westwood has certainly made a style to this game, with tanyas, nukes, and tesla coils. You can even design your own units. I used to love designing my own tesla dogs, tesla tanks, tesla mcv's. Oh, certainly had a fixation on tesla !:)

I could play it for a hundred years. Maybe the only downside, it can be very addictive, like most fps games and all good things.

The singleplayer part is very elaborate and you can spend a lot of time in singleplayer, also oved the earlier Command & Conquer games, very good gameplay and graphics for a dos game. Played them not long ago too. Though Red alert just has this nostalgia value to me. It never gets old. It is the best of all the CnC games.

It has so many beautiful units and possible gameplay. It is beautifully designed and quite balanced. It would be hard to pick this one over starcraft which I love very much too. Broodwar anyone?

Red alert gets the prize.

There is just something special about multiplayer in this game. Or even a 4v4 multiplayer session. I played it online as late as 2016. Their battlenet is very active with over 200 players online at any given time.

I don't know what it is. But this game can not be made any better.

Only thing that could better it would to put on Barcode Brothers or some other 90's music, trance music on. Perhaps ROBERT MILES.

Takes me back man.

This game always does. Though I won't hide what I prefer. It's all about the quake.

All quake games are good up until Q3. The earliest were the best, and still are. Just like doom. It cannot be made better. That's why people continue to stick to them. If you want to be elite, you got to go to quaking. The early versions. And get a gamer mouse, icemat.

Community Links and Download These Games Today!

Here's where you can download some of the best online games out there in fps or rpg strategy genre...

Quake II, Counterstrike 1.5 , no prob...

Click the below links...

The Best Page Universe Quake Page
This is how he slaps and rules the noobs fps style in quake. A total pro fanpage dedicated to Quake 2, the best game out there. Page contains Quake 2 mods, maps, quake 2 files download. Pointreleases too (uh oh..). Find online servers and more. All things Quake II. Join the community.

Who is 'he'?
=3x=Di3h4rd of course. He who takes you down.

Counterstrike 1.5 Updates
Read much more about Counterstrike 1.5 & CS 1.6 and download it today. The absolute most fun fps for online play that I know (next to quake). An absolute essential game too. They don't make them like they used to. And this is this game's motto too. The newer ones are just not as fun as CS 1.6. Though I only play CS 1.6 as an alternative to quake. It's just not as good as quake. Still an eminent game though.

Clanworld: The Baddest Quake Page & Portal - Quake II Forum
This is your best games portal. Quake and all the cool old games that you miss so much, and oldschool gaming like Heretic, Doom etc. Search their archives to find lots of cool games and music etc. They have all cool oldschool games, like Duke, Heretic, Hexen, Doom. Red Alert. Even 90s trance music/90s music. You gotta feel at home here if you grew up in the 90s. Also cult movies review. But it is your no 1 non stop gaming portal if you like action fps games. They stick to only the best ones, older versions, as we all know that quake iv was a bit of a failure. It's just no good. But Q2, Q3 are.

** I encourage to buy the games from new. There is most fun in having the game in original medium. Skip the steam stuff. Buy it on original medium (cd). Steam is crap and we all know that. You may end up regretting buying the game online as online version when you reinstall your pc. It is always better to have the original medium. cdroms are not going to be obsolete just yet. No alternative exist to them yet. Usb mediums have limited life time too. So until then, stick to cds or dvds. These 3 games above are very cheap today. Like $10 each, def. worth buying. And the online community is about as large as ever. Lots of people to play against. **

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Quake 2
CS 1.6
Red Alert 1 Online
Nostalgic 90s Games
Quake II Online
CS 1.6 Online Nosteam
Counterstrike 1.5 / 1.6 Online

Yes you can launch your own dedicated server to play against friends on lan, online in quake 2!

Quake 2 server - Online Setup

Gamespy for Quake 2

using gamespy you can find hundreds of servers online 247 in quake. My personal favorite mods are by far Lithium and Baseq2 (Deathmatch Quake 2).

To connect to a server from gamespy, you fire up quake 2 and type in console 'connect x.x.x.x' of the ip you found.

Lithium mod takes a few rounds to get used to, don't abandon it after one match, it has virtually limitless features to offer such as:
- custom skin
- custom maps, very cool quake maps
- runes
- hook
- teamplay mode with hook & runes
- teamspeak (speak to clanmates via Teamspeak!)
- teammessages , say 'dropped %rl here %x' to your clanmates to tell where you dropped that cool sexy rocketlauncher!

This is basically just a frag all as fast as you can, run for the quad and rocket launcher if you want to get an advantage in this mod. It is the default gameplay in quake 2 and it is what makes quake so fun to play. Not to mention the great weapon arsenal and possibility for customizing your player skin to your liking (download a skin online to make your player look like you want, to offend the other players).

This mod is named 'ospl2' in gamespy. Lithium is simply the coolest mod in quake 2, you haven't tried online gaming unless you try this mod. This is a mod that is easy to learn but can take a few times to truly master. Don't quit after one try. It includes a red hook, runes (vampire, strength, haste) which improves your player abilities, meaning you can gain health from sucking up the dead opponenets blood from his body. You can also 'lend' your opponents rune after slaying him,her , so much fun!

What makes quake 2 so good?
I think it is that it comes with full sourcecode from carmack, meaning it has so many great mods out there. I've only listed 2 here. But there are hundreds of mods.

This is one game that runs better on linux than winblows, a native linux game. Doesn't get better than this people. Few linux games out there. Yet another reason to install linux.

The deathmatch in quake 2 and coop is unparallelled in any other action fps game in its genre. Idsoftware has done an amazing job on the animations in this game, and no sucessors to the game could do it as well. This game is something special due to its very beautiful animations ingame.

You will have to try to see!

This game just rox.

2017-03-28 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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