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Buddha's Wisdom
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Buddha's Wisdom

Here's some good buddha wisdom.

Often people may do what we don't like. They may join group xxxx of not too kind people.

But then it is our duty to make our love available to all groups. Even the ones we don't like.

And especially to those.

That's where we grow most. To find out why we don't like them.

And grow beyond the nonacceptance.

It could be as simple as a person not liking myspace. And not wanting to share files with people who use that. Because they consider the place evil (proprietary). So blocks it (that service only) from ones homepage.

Could also be a person who blocks all images from his,hers homepage due to afraid they will 'get stolen'

Afraid others will take their property.

Guard yourself.
But don't fight unnecessarily.

Fighting never lead to anything pretty.

2017-07-22 - Af Maja Ingerslev
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