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The law of Dharma...
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The law of Dharma...

The law of dharma... what comes around goes around

As you put out, so will you attract

Think about this every day

And soon it will be apparent

The lucky situations in our life are not random!

Neither are the harassment situations in our life

Until we learn our soul lessons we will be stuck in the harassment situations

Be sure you make your dharma clear

To follow a path of Rightaction, so as to inspire good faith in others via Your Actions.

What does a person of good Dharma do?
They always do right action

Meaning :
1. no hurting of others
2. no hurting of others indirectly
3. no hurting of environment
4. great appreciation of others
5. great respect of others
6. great respect of the earth, its creatures, nature

They don't thrash in nature
They don't joke on behalf of others
They use minimal action for a thing, no need to attack others because they attack you.

No they turn the other chin.

Where turning the other chin is possible. It usually is.

They never put out sarchasm, for it is unnecessary evil. Never do they downrate others services.

No, they know the way is in the heart.

They never downrate other people as persons either. Unless it is to teach as a grave example.

They have great respect for all people.

Downtalking anybody, at any time, a big mistake.

And this is why Dharma is so hard to follow for most.

Many people like to talk about others behind their backs.
Or to 'win' over others in debate.

But they're not really winning

Only their own ego.

If we need to win over others ,we are in illusion.

A heartful person can let others win.
Don't accept nonsense from people, or people hurting you, say no.

But namecalling, only fools resort to namecalling.

If you want to be a king of this world, a master, like the buddha, the ascended masters.

You gotta follow a more disciplined path.

A path of Rightaction.

Have you been namecalling others?
Have you been labelling yourself undue, to get 'status'?
Have you been prideful in your work, or appearance/body?
Have you defined yourself as your body?

All mistakes.
A rightful person does not do the above.

A rightful person is in his heart. And inspires good faith in all other people, due to clear actions.

His actions and mind are so clear, in unison. This is the dharma. A person always doing careful actions, never makes mistakes.

Only a person of hasty actions makes mistakes.

When were you last hasty of actions?

That's How You Know.
The path of dharma.

Unless you are a buddha, you're not there yet.
Have you been dedicating yourself to becoming a buddha?

Or a spiritual person, so as to not attach to earth living and not create suffering anymore.?

Many people thin kwe can just live
Without caring about consequences

Usuaully the most deluded!

2017-07-30 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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