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It Starts With Ourselves
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It starts with oneself

Surrender like Jesus On The Cross.

2017-09-25 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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If you are a christian or born again christian, then read this.... for you

Church is every sunday. Be raised in your faith!

As the evil followers are raised in their faith, so is it important for christ followers to be as well, even more important!

Without church or reading the bible, how can we really grow?

It is important with godly friendships, of people who get nurtured by god and have a deep relationship to, from, with God!

What do your friends say about you?

Are your friends as believing as you?

It is ok to be friend with nonbelievers at times, but it is important to have friends who value what you do.

Must become born again in Christ. There is no way besides christ!. No way besides the heart. And you have to let christ in. He died for your sins!

Only through Gods Salvation am I saved.

Within I am as impure, destructive as anybody

As rotten as the most rotten person

But through gods salvation I am a new me

Reborn in christ,

For as the bible tells us , anyone who believes in christ shall have Eternal Life

You Are Not Our Own Savior. You need HIS Salvation.

What leads own salvation to? pride, a man of the world. A man of satan.
Thinking instead of acting out of love and surrender.

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