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On the meditation

Meditation is simple and is supposed to be effortless.

Be aware.

It helps to sit up with a straight spine, and breathe slowly. Clear the mind of thought abstractions. Let it come to you.

Some people use mantras or even praying to gods, but this can be dangerous very dangerous, just like meditating on chakras can be. More dangerous than can be listed in few words here. Never let an entity into your body or pray to unknown gods. It's a sin.

The danger of mantras is it becomes an everyday thing. You need nothing.

The lesson of meditation is to need nothing. Self reliance. Nonwanting.

The default state is happiness. Nothing needed to get there. Anything you add will only subtract.

Water and fasting, that's what you need my friend.

Meditation and The great I am

Look within

No expectations

Nothing can better this state, it's all perfect

in this state
just peace

Peace with the breath

Notice that breathing

Sit relaxed
Close eyes

Notice nothing can better the state
Nothing wanted

2017-05-16 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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