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Quantum reality: Holographic reality... Mind expansion
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Quantum reality: Holographic reality... Mind expansion

Yes you read right, we live in a holographic reality, where each part is a part of every other part. Connected to each other into infinity. Meaning if you wave your hand, it affects the opposite end of the universe via lightspeed (the ultimate speed according to science).

This is proven the latter here, electromagnetically your body is made of electrons, these attract other electrons via lightspeed using Maxwells equations.

This electric force, goes at lightspeed

Our reality is glued together via Lightspeed interactions.

But then yo may wonder, how to hack the matrix?

There are rules that can be bent, others broken.

You may want to fly, go through walls,like the electron.

Well it is not so easy, unless you can become the size of an electron, which you may with your mind in meditation.

Here are ways to expand the mind that works according to many people... to understand your full spiritual potential...

1. Crystals .. .amethyst opens our spiritual crown and third eye center for perception. 3rd eye chakra and crown chakra, very powerful. A perceptive experience. May learn different timelines, see into past or future if you are a neutral listener. Only a clear observer can see clearly. Don't put wantings onto what you see, observe neutrally, wait for info to come. It will come.

2. Psychedelics / Entherogens. Used for thousands of years by native americans and the shamans through time, in siberia, amazon forest etc. to heal soul loss. These can give the user a spiritual experience. Not for everyone, can heal soul traumas in childhood for many, addictions etc. Requires a sound mind. Not recommended if you got mental illness in family. Users report out of body experiences, light beings/aliens, a sense of flying out of body, oneness with all, infinite love for all creation, a sense of melting into objects. Seeing oneself from the outside ones body. And even travel to ancient timeperiods/landscapes. The supposed 'hallucinations' will let you see objects not there, in full color and all, like were they real. Like a living dream. Dreaming awake. Near death experiences commonly reported. Soul healing experiences with new outlook on life. Real world hallucinations, like in dreams. Objects not there, people not there. It is for this reason they have gotten a bad reputation at times, so called 'bad trips'.

3. Lucid dreaming... a safer psychedelic trip. You can dream awake and create your own virtual reality where you are creator/god of your own reality. You can fly, you can go through walls, you cannot die. And you can be telepathic, talk to beings of light/spiritual beings. You can visit other worlds. Sites are dedicated to the art of lucid dreaming. www.ld4all.nl. Practice safely and always in moderation. Some people have gone crazy from overdoing 'reality checking' - i.e. flipping lightswitches to see if they're dreaming during the day.

4. Do charity each day, help others. The way is always in the heart. Heart over mind. Your heart is your basic spiritual awareness. It's no coincidence that those who are highly spiritual, are those who do most kind service to others. The more you do for others, the more you gain in your own life. What you give is what you get. The heart is our soul, and most important way in life. There is simply no way without heart. It is the light beacon for your life. A person with heart in right place, never goes wrong. Sees all clearly. Here is all you could ever want to need in your life, by making sure you contribute positively to society and other humans' wellbeing. What can I do for you today?

5. Meditation. Nonwanting meditation the buddhist way. Buddhism teaches us that sense desire traps us as humans in reincarnation cycle. If you want true liberation, of understanding your place in the reincarnation wheel through time, you should let go of all wantings. Wantings are the ego and they trap us to ourselves only. A onwanting person is beyond his body, time, space. You can say buddhist minds low freely. There is no easy way to get there. Except to realize meditation is supposed to be effortless. Do not do a big job out of it, or take it too seriously. It is more important you meditate regularly, than make rules. Rules can impede your meditation and trap you focusing on yourself only. A good meditation is about letting go, supposed to be effortless. Nothing needed. Just rember. Nothing you truly need. Just water and fasting, that's what you need my friend. All things on top of that, only distract from your true purpose. If you want close to spirit, treat your sacred temple sacred, fill only purest on it (water), and fast. Fasting gets us closer to spirit. Thus mind over matter. It is not coincidence buddhists and spiritual people often fast. But the nonwanting principle is as important. We can not want to see fancy things in meditation. Let go, if you see, then you see, if you don,t then its ok not to see. Darkness is perfectly ok. Only a neutral observing mind can really see what there is to see. No expectations.

You may want to know some benefits of regular sustained meditation?
Perfect clarity of mind
Perfect clarity of actions
Never making mistakes
Being intune with the Dharma (mistakes turn to miracles, always being right)
Reduction in ignorance
Increase in enlightenment
Getting enlightened is possible for many
Avoiding reincarnating
Escaping the wheel of birthdeath on earth, becoming an immortal being
Healthier body, that looks divine, ages slower
Healthier mind, that ages slower, is more creative
More mindpower
More mindfocus
Stronger will
Less sick, never sick
Finding a spiritual career of life, instead of the deadend 9-5 job
Reducing stress
Reducing illness
Better health in body, get a super body
Better health of mind, get a super brain
Quantum learning. Your mind can quantum learn. By stilling it in meditation, new insights may come.
Receiving telepathic downloads in meditation not uncommon, for people meditating for long.
Opening higher spiritual chakras, over time, this must not be forced as it can give severe disease if forced open, life threatening disease. These chakras give psychic ability, healing ability to heal others, telepathic ability, clairvoyance, perfection of mindstate-matter state (healthy mind healthy body), and much more.
Development of your lightbody, look like your perfect self ( a person meditating eats healthier, eats only of nature, and nature is divine => divine looking body... looks like its perfect self... Pi, Goldenratio, etc.)
More intune with nature
The realization of unity, and a unity with all beings
More open heart, more love for all creation
The ceasing of all anger in our life
The ability to help others wholeheartedly as needed, and say no as needed to. Strong borders.
Miraculous healing of diseases in the body, and in the mind. (People gotten healed of cancer, infections and more)
Ability to understand what your rational mind cannot understand (quantum learning)
Ability to via creativity do, what your rational mind cannot (create the impossible from new thought, create the future)
Fly, learning to fly. I have not learned this in meditation, but many gurus say they can/have been seen flying according to rumor. I can fly in my dreams though.... almost as good!. There flying feels and looks 100% real, as real as this reality. I can go places out of my body.

So you see
There are a million reasons to meditate

And few reasons not to.

If you like to keep your always talkative self, always have something to say , and comment on anything, then you may not want to meditate.

Meditation stills the mind.

But if you like to increase your mental ability, and understand your purpose on planet earth, definitely meditate.

And it's easy

What often happens is our Ego self is afraid to let go, and thus will prevent us from attempting meditation at all, or for more than 2 minutes. Only people sticking to it gets to reap its many benefits.

A person meditating is Mind over matter, meaning they can eat anything they want, may live from beans, or nuts. Or the plants in their backyard.

Nothing can prevent them from achieving, they got zero addictions.

No gambling addictions
No smoking addictions
No sugar addictions

And no overconsumption addictions (awakened people, people who figured out what a scam of a world we live in, as T. Mckenna says - have generally no need for that big bmw or that Harvard degree on the wall).

It is another kind of achievement than the western culture is familiar with. But a kind that supercharges your brain and body to its full potential, quantum potential.

For you are more than your 9-5 job, or your study.

In fact what they teach on study you may use for nothing afterwards. Wisdom is what you don't learn, says Albert Einstein. When you remove all you learned, wisdom is what is left, he says.

What you truly are, you cannot even grasp, with your rational mind.

You have to see it with your own eyes (as they say in the matrix movie).

"Noone can be told what the matrix is"

You are a Cosmic Being, Eternal.

But to rationalize it, grasp it, takes more than just inputting it. It takes years or a lifetime of meditation. To remember who we truly are as human beings, how Divine we really are (golden ratio, pi etc.), and how divine nature really is, takes careful and steady meditation.

You see, you're not going to remember by working from 9-5 most likely. You'd be lucky to, maybe in your dreams if lucky.

Remembering takes a kind of unconditioning of the mind, a certain taking your eye off the ball.

A kind of unconsciousness, assuming things are simpler than they are.

And there you have it, synchronicities start forming, the world is your playground, time ceases to exist, and you get lost in the timelessness, and become a poet for a day.

That's what happens to the poets.

They were depressed, down in life, or soul searching in new ways, and sudden creativity came to them, due to daring take new unseen ways. Unpopular ways.

All the best inventions in our society were from outcasts, people who dared take new roads.

Don't gamble with your mind, take the most safe roads, or some like gambling with their mind too, do at own responsibility.

Depends what you are up to. Your life is your responsibility.

Some parachute.

Some dive deep into the unconsciousness with psychedelics, hurl themselves out there, into the unknown. And what they find? the soul?, a past incarnation?, a soul outside the body?.
Who knows.

These tools can provoke strange things in people.

Some even had Entities & ET contact on them it is rumored.

Meditation is the safer way, few have ET contact there, without deliberately chosing to do so.

So there are many roads, some safe, some unsafe.

The shamans tend to adhere to plants to 'get there', into the trance state.

The buddhist will tend to recommend meditation as it is without side effects they say.

The westerne will recommend quantum mechanics, as their framework of mind.

Have you tried them all?

Terence Mckenna is an interesting man to listen to, or how about Alan Watts, on what these amazing plant teachers can do for humanity. They are great philosophers. Definitely check them out on the net. Or the books they've written.

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2017-08-04 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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