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Being An Accepting Person Towards Others Religions
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Being An Accepting Person Towards Others Religions

The good masters jesus and buddha teach us to be Accepting of others and others ways. Even no matter which way that is. This also means acceptance of any religion, even if it is not yet supported by our operating system.

Buddha says to remove the self; thus one can never have anything against any religion

Often many people, have aversion towards christianity or Islam

They think making their own religion can solve the worlds problems. But not the case. We need to accept all people as they are. Unconditional love.


In reality both buddha and jesus are right!

Both very wise ascended masters.

And not just right, equally right. Higher consciousness right.

Always right.

Listen to their wisdom!

Buddha is right due to no self. Selflessness

Jesus is right due to love. No self. Selflessness.

It's the same.
No self is love

Love is no self.

A person of love can accept any religion.

So it is.

Remember this always people.

Islam rules... 5 shaa islam rules

Read more about islam here..

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Acceptance is a higher state of consciousness

Acceptance is a higher state of being, and it is accessible to anyone embracing it

Just like Jesus and Buddha are higher states of being, ascended masters.

Anyone willing to learn from them, can gain their wisdom

They each have a story to tell

Acceptance is to be totally in the Now, the moment

Not fighting the future
Not rejecting the past or seeking into past

But totally here, now

Now is peaceful.
Now is acceptance.

What you practice is what you preach!

What you preach you practice.

So, the people helping others reach their true self, easier get access to their own true self too

The more we help others, selflessly

The easier we access the unbounded love, to create freely

The wisdom comes to those who aid others

What we give is what we get

2017-09-22 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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