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Know them by their actions (Bible)
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Know them by their actions... Bible

Good people do good deeds & never complain

Self responsibility, and radiate happiness

A good person has such a good vibe, everyone feels attracted to one

It is also possible to attract on physical appearance only.

But a good person attracts old wise women of big hearts, and children too.

Magnetic to pure souls.
Can only hope to become a good person.

Know them by their actions is truly the truth.

Now you also know what to avoid.
All that brings low self confidence, and the people of that.

We must help anyone.
But we must chose our company carefully.

Light and dark has nothing in common.

And the favorite method of the dark is to masquerade as light

Christians be aware 247.... do not let folly fool ya.

Know satans demons masquerade as light all day.
It's their favorite tool in the book.

Now you can see gods work
Now you can see satan's work

In the world.

Light teaches awareness.
For it is awareness itself.

2017-05-11 - Af Maja Ingerslev
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