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World Peace
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- World Peace If You Want It -

World Peace
The Now
Pure Tomorrow
Universal faith
Faith in Humanity
Uniting Humanity
One Love
New Age
5D Earth
2012 Earth Shift
2012 Earth Awakening
Earth Ascension
Earth Shift in Consciousness
Divine Earth
Divine Humanity
World Peace If You Want It
Truth Is Not Always Pleasant

The technology on earth will only develop to a certain extent, until mankind understands love is necessary, love is the essential building block. When one has love , all possibilities exist. - The pleiadians

Noticing the False Self
Noticing the Ego
Evolving beyond ego
Evolving beyond oneself
Humanity evolving beyond Ego-self
I am not my thoughts
I am not my ego
I am not my job
My job is not me
I am a genuine person, with genuine values

Aum OM Namaste Blessings of Divine Light Children Of The Sun

Peace be with us all

And so it is.
And so it shall be.

Any thing is possible, if you can imagine it.


Uniting Christianity Jehova Islam Buddhism Hinduism Atheism Jewish Tradition Native Americans - Christians - Islamists - Jehova - Buddhists - Buddha - Krisna - Jesus

Zen - Tao - Just be here now


Ancient Egypt and Atlantis , Peace Has Been With Us Before

Now just remember

All Ambassadors For Light!

Ambassador for Light , The highest light

From Light we come

Light and Love to all

Just remember

You are light
Your body is light
"We come into this body start using our senses and suddenly we think we're this body" - David Icke.

But we are not this body
Ancient egyptians knew this.

Body just a temporary temple of the soul.

Thank you

Peace with us every moment,
and every breath
the aum is a good place to be


I t is a very long aum
The aum is all that ever was
The breathing is the circle of life

By your breathing you control your life

Breathing is life or death

By your breathing you direct your life

Breathing the sustaier of life

Feel the love
Feel the flow

Be aware that breathing

Feel that prana baby!

Can I get a Hallelujah?

2017-05-15 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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