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Curry. A healthy superfood of science
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Curry. A healthy superfood of science

Curry is good for a multitude of illnesses and can reverse aging and prevent/heal many severe illnesses like cancer fully in some cases.

This superfood dillates blood vessels, a vasodillator, meaning more blood flow to body.

What is one of the most divine things in your body?

You guessed right. Blood.

Blood flow flows to whole body, all organs and vessels and rejuvinates the body from within

Blod makes the difference between life and death

A person of poor blood flow=death

A person of great blood flow = looks youthful

Become an eternal being today, use what they have known since ancient times, that curry rejuvinates the body.

This spice heals the body, every cell in the body due to dillating blood vessels so the body can clean up cell misfunctions/cell problems.

So the body can repair itself better

That requires proper blood flow

What tends to happen in our industrial society is that blood vessels get clogged early on, some in early 20s, due to junkfoods, smoking, lack of exercise, unhealthy eating in general. Fried foods , potato chips (fried too). And what not?

Is there any thing healthy the modern consumer eats?

Change your food to a raw food diet today and feel the difference. I like carrots as a snack.

Also... eat curry regularly, it goes well on rice, and you need nothing more than cold water to make a curry sauce in 1minute.

Put in freezerbag and shake.


I can never get enough of curry, it is so healint to the body and the skin. Esp usueful for people with high blood pressure like me. It cured that for me. I no longer take my blood pressure pills. And body feels great most of time.The time body feels pain, problems, I take curry, its gone right away.

BP gives swelling if its unregulated or if I eat salt. But with curry I can avoid most complications due to bp, such as swelling or headaches, blurry vision, pain in eyes or peeing problems.

Yup... bp is a great killer. It kills many people years before time, silently.

It hurts the kidneys too, and eyes.

That's why curry is one of the best things you can take if you got blood pressure problems or kidney problems.

Unregulated blood pressure tends to make people swell up, my hands had swelled like baloons. After I got bp meds they became half size or so. Couldn't even bend them. Not good. Also much too high bp. Goes in family.

It also hurts the heart. High bp hurts all organs in body!

So curry, use it.

It heals all organs inbody!

What more do you need?

Curry is my favorite healing food. But it is hard to pick. Each has benefits and downsides. Curry has very few downsides as one of the few.
You cannot overdose. I've eaten over a half bag at once before several times, no side effects.

But less is more.

You don't need a lot.

It was due to improper mixing in curry sauce. So used almost a bag, and ate almost a bag at once. Big handful lol.

Curry = heals whole body. Rejuvinates body. Beautiful skin. NSAID effect (pain reducing and swelling reducing). Feel great in your body by using. Soft skin.
Carrots = great with vitamin A for skin and eyes. Eye health. Improves eyesight. Smooth skin/beautiful skin. Soft skin. Good for keeping a healthy weight. Easiest food to make, takes 5 seconds! .. have a peeler laying around. Also a food that makes no mess if you dont eat it all. It will not rot, if you drop it onto floor or somewhere. A no mess food. And it is beautiful to eat, to have laying around. This one urges healthy eating. Less is more principle. You dont need to eat a lot to feel full. In fact you should be feeling full from your meditation, not from eating. Fasting makes us feel fully. Carrots makes us remember, only a little bit do we need to survive and feel good. Unlike many foods, this one is simple food, we remember not much is needed to feel great in everyday living. We can live by 2 carrots a day in theory for a while (though need other vitamins also..). But you get the principle. The less is more principle. Not a lot needed. In a day where we are urged to always eat more/buy more. Or where few have the time to cook! . More love for your body. More time to do what you want (less time used on cooking!).

2017-07-21 - Af Maja Ingerslev
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