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Where to get new Nokia 3310 battery (BMC-3) ?
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Where to get new Nokia 3310 battery (BMC-3) ?

If you like me think that nokia 3310 is the best phone ever made, you might have the trouble of finding a new battery.

Nokia 3310 uses a NiMH battery that doesn't get sold anymore, but I have found a working replacement:
(1600mAh - $11 - Danish shop)

More battery replacements here:
(1600mAh-1800mAh - $15 - German shops and amazon uk)

works just as good as the original, even better

downside is you have to replace it every 3-5 years

Li-ion batteries don't last as good as NiMH, they lose 20% capacity per year even if not used.

there are no NiMH batteries available anymore, and NiCd has become illegal.

probably the same for NiMH, but this Li-ion works just as good as the original!

Good things tend to get outlawed. So it is. And bad things put in by law. Lithium ion. Just like cars and motorroads instead of nature.

give life to your old nokia 3310, the best phone ever!

no need to upgrade just because you cannot find a new battery
the battery above works as good as the original

only $20 incl postage

I have used this page/vendor many times before, they are a trustworthy company. They don't sell fake stuff, the battery is EU certified too!

Now your 3310 should last a week again! - unlike any smartphone.

News 2014-09

Ordered the new battery, it seems to work just fine as a replacement, new life for my nokia 3310!
seems to last days again, so can recommend this battery, it was sealed in plastic when it came too + had holographic logo on!

Review after 2 weeks of using new battery from MyTrendyPhone.dk:

It lasts 2-3 days, or 3-3.5 days battery in idle!

not a lot, I expected a lot more, more like 5 days+!

seems the battery is not that good, not as good as the original, or maybe the nokia 3310 just doesn't last battery very long..

anyway, it's on the verge of not keeping the 3310, it doesn't last as long as expected
but I won't stop using my 3310, it's perfect! , might just get another battery again lol

3310 is sooo much better than a galaxy S3, at least until they get Android sorted so it's useable for phone stuff!

Nokia 3310 is the perfect phone, haven't seen one phone I want instead of it!

2014-07-22 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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