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I surrender to god Prayer
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I Surrender prayer

This one is very good if you feel ready for more responsibility in your life and serving christ where ever it takes you. Want to serve god more?, long for serving others?. May gods peace be with you, us all.

dear god, universe , the highest light, I ask you to work through me to bring joy and love to all people I meet in my life
dear buddha I ask you be by my side to assist me with the hearts truth, highest truth, to bring your joy and truth to all people around me
dear god may your heavenly love work through me in all i say, do and spread to all people I meet in my life, so they too feel all your happiness in their life
so that my words and action reflect your truth, and only the highest truth, the highest light and love
I ask arch angel michael for guidance and a sign in my life

thank you
in holy spirits name

In danish.:

du som er i himlene
helliget vorde dit navn
komme dit rige
ske din vilje

i himlen således også på jorden
giv os i dag vort daglige brød
og forlad os vor skyld
som også vi forlader vore skyldnere
led os ikke ind i fristelse
men fri os fra det onde.
thi dit er riget og magten og æren i al evighed

This is the prayer jesus teaches his disciples to pray. We know it from the bible.

2017-06-15 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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