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Olive oil, an age old beauty trick
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Olive oil, an age old beauty trick

Many people got extremely dry skin and are even self critical

Here's how to make your skin look flawless, godly

1. Apply olive oil in liberal amounts to face
2. Wait a few minutes, rinse with cold water

You will notice
- Clearer skin
- No acne
- Spot free skin
- Most beautiful skin ever

It is said it is a trick even back to egypt. Many think olive oil was cleopatras beauty secret.

It is rejuvinating, why not?

I often get told I look 20 years younger than my age, on a daily basis.

Maybe it's because I care for my skin

And don't put poison on body. The times I notice I treat body poorly, I generally exercise instead.

Here's more positives:
1. Better than any store moisturizer
2. Better than suncream
3. Simply better
4. Healthier, no harmful ingredients
5. You don't have to worry about suncream, at least I don't seem to have to, with this. Even if you got tendency to get sunspots after too much sun.
6. Suncream contains cancer causing nanoparticles that cause cancer in labmice by inhalation, proven scientifically!. What do  you think happens when you inhale your newbought 'suncream spf 50'?... Yet lobbyists got them approved on the market. Now All or almost all suncreams are nanosized particle. Potentially Deadly!. Beware what you buy. Never trade with Big Pharma.
7. Olive oil works for skin all over body, is great for hands and face. Anywhere you got dry skin.
8. Olive oil heals infections, and restores optimum skin health, skin ph. No store cream does. If you got early stage of sun cancer, olive oil will heal it.. I had a mutation due to sun before that has gone away.
9. Oliveoil is healthiest cooking oil in the world. A science superfood.
10. Oliveoil is loaded with Omega3s for proper brain health, taking a shot each day is done by many due to its many health benefits. Take moderation though, as high in calories.

And best reason?:
It doesn't make your skin oily... The rinse with water removes all oilyness.

Most store moisturizers for dry skin, makes skin extremely oily. I tended to use suncreams, which also do, for years.

Always used suncreams, they leave bad smell or oily. Not such with olive oil. It's simply perfect!

Use nature, it never betrays you. Much of store products are evil nowadays. From shampo, to toothpaste, I always look at the ingredients. Titanium Dioxide, no way. Paraben? no thanks. Edta, dangerous molecule? nope. Titanium dioxide nanosized? nope , no thanks at all. Not even if it helps absorb into my body. Or what they 'think' it does.

Most toothpaste in the supermarkets contain flouride, a deadly poison, and 2nd worldwar poison by hitler supposedly.

Many reasons to chose nature.

What can we trust, with all the scam marketing out there. Telling us we must use flouride, and even put it in our water supply to dim the masses brains?

Or all the synthetic chemicals in childrens foods todays. Normal foods etc.

Go for the things not needing marketing, fancy coloring, nor fancy designs on the front to sell!

Rating of this tip?

It is the best moisturizer for dry skin I tried, better than normal moisturizers or sun cream.

A must try.

Real good for face, arms, hands. Or dry skin anywhere on body.

Downside, if you don't rinse with water after applying, you get greasy skin.

If you do, no greasyness, which makes it better than 99% of store creams , incl suncream!

And this is why I absolutely recommend olive oil.

Healthy cooking too...

This remedy works for more than just skin. You can eat it, cook with it for health. The healthiest cooking oil in the world.

The type of olive oil that is best is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coldpressed, Organic.

Buy organic for the environment, Extra Virgin Olive oil. Say no to the evil non-coldpressed version. Must be cold pressed for the best health effects. It doesn't use heat to process the oil but only simple mechanical means.

Many producers have started making cheaper versions of olive oil to save themselves money, at the cost of your health, some even add other oils to them. Be sure to buy quality, organic.

Only coldpressed is good, extra virgin.

2017-08-15 - Af Maja Ingerslev
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