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Rose quartz crystals from $4.44USD   Ship Within Europe
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Rose quartz crystals from $4.44USD   Ship Within Europe

$8 for big crystal, and $4 for the small ones

Rose quartz, the stone of love and soulmate

This stone helps us express unconditional love in our life, and be more kind and caring, patient with others.

It increases divine love in every part of our life, and suddenly all people are kind to us.

Rose quartz is a stone of soulmate and immensely healing for your love life, just love in abundant amounts, almost unearthly love, intense love, godly divine love, infinite love. Hard to put to names. Gotta try it?.

As it brings love in big amounts for our life, it is a favorite of most healers and psychics out there, due to this property. It allows a balanced and neutral vision without anger, so we can attract angelic abundance into our life. Dissolves anger and replaces with angelic love in our life.

This crystal has many magical powers that are hidden to the eyes. It is the preferred stone of healers and psychics for centuries. It aids spiritual development and the soul to remember who it is, its purpose in this world. For we don't come here randomly. Each human has one or many spiritual gifts just waiting to be utilized. But only if they remember themselves.

These gifts vary from each person, like skin tone does.

Common is that we all are here for divine purpose and this crystal can make us remember godly abundance of love, like when were we children.
Stars anim

New... programmed crystal with healing energies specifically for you, Angelic Energies for aid in Your Life. If you don't wish, please note so when you order. It will attract abundance of gods love in your life.

Stars anim Stars anim

Effects from this crystal:
- Spritual development
- Opens intuition
- Healing
- Heals chakras, meredians
- Opens the heart
- Unconditional abundant love, Divine love in our lives
- Child like nature
- Increase creativity
- Increase gentleness with others
- Attract daily miracles, luck stone
- Heals worries, pain in life, sorrows. Traumas to the soul.

Smaller ones for sale too.. 1-2cm..

Contact me here to buy

Buying options:
Big one (ca. 2.5-3.5cm) , $8
small/medium (1.5-2cm) , $4

Postage $3 to $5, depending on size of stone. (within DK, for Eu, add $2 extra)

Shipping time ~1wk within DK
+1 week within Europe
Ship outside Europe possible too

Please have some extra patience before contacting me, as Post Danmark has changed shipping times lately. Up to a week normally now. If it doesn't show up, feel free to contact me and I will rectify the situation quickly. Only happy customers. Thank you very much for your understanding!

Any problems or disagree ment with item please contact me before leaving feedback here or elsewhere, I will rectify the mistake. Only happy customers. Customer first.

Love and light to all.

On Rose Quartz And Healing

Rose quartz is said to be a guide stone to new people into the alternative world. It is a stone of strong healing for the heart chakra.

It will open heart chakra fully, and allow abundance of love to come into our life. As well as us being able to share our love and feelings better with others, without any worries, fear etc.

This stone allows contact with angels, guides, and attracts small love miracles into our life.

And it is a stone of such beauty, a great decoration or gift item. Can also be made into jewellery.

Rose quartz... for a Rose Aura :)

All things love
Heart chakra opening
Gentle and caring love stone

Great Gift Item! *

Rose quartz can aid us to remember our Soul Mission. Why we Are On Earth.

A Divine Stone. Your heart is your soul, and this one will make you remember.

In our heart we got all we need to know: both a plan for being on earth, and know what we really should be doing with our life.

Lay down and place this stone on your heart, and listen to guided meditation.
Very healing.

2017-07-19 - Af Maja Ingerslev
Love stone: Rose quartzes for sale ♥ ☽ ☼ ♡ ♀ Only $4.44 USD
Vandfilter til brusebad. Fra 450,- kr. *Anti kalk*. *Antibakterie*.
Epson salt for super blød og skinnende hud
Nordic Naturals. Den bedste fiskeolie, uden tungmetaller. 60 Kapsler. Med Dvitamin og citron smag.
Crystals for sale. Postage from 26,- DKK (via Postnord)
Things for sale.
Torskelevertran kosttilskud. Det gamle husråd er sandt. Det sundeste for din krop!
Forøg din træning... Whey protein. Få en super smidig krop på kort tid!

Velkommen til min webshop... Jeg sælger indenfor Europa. Porto fra 26,- DKK via Postnord

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