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The buddha wisdom. About not feeding our senses.
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The buddha wisdom. About not feeding our senses.

A buddha is a wise man because:
1. he doesn't feed his senses
2. he meditates
3. he treats kindly all living

Feeding senses is all too easy

Much clothing today encourages many colors. How about 14 Million colors, or Neon green?, on All our clothing?

We each day have the choice

Average clothes

Or modern jetset, watch me clothes..

We can get others admiration , or

We can be ourselves

A good sign of chosing right, is if we can be equally happy in cheapest clothes, as well as clothes much more expensive.

If we could give up all earthly possession tomorrow.

There is no easy way to know

Avoid sense desire overuse!

It's the devil.

Color excess (clothing color exaggaration)
Desire excess (sex)
Smell excess (perfume)
Taste excess (junkfoods)

The more you hardwire, attach to your senses, the more imprisoned you become.
That's why you see many buy branded fanciful and highly colored clothing,become attached to the label, brand.

But also why those feeding their self via junkfood each day, or perfume overdose, go crazy.

Sense desire overuse...

I don't use perfume ever, for this reason.
I just don't smell bad, for I take baths ;-)

Rather take a bath too much, than fill poison on my body (perfume).

I generally think about how I avoid trapping my soul. Meaning I don't just buy anything.
It can happen I buy expensive things, but it is a very rare occasion usually.

Live a minimal existance...

2017-06-09 - Af Maja Ingerslev
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