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Dear NSA, Dept. of Justice, Europol, Terror logging
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US laws are crazy! - article from EU citizen

Dear Cia, US Dept. Justice, US Immigration Customs Enforcement, Europol, Interpol, FBI, EC3 Europol, ICE Homeland Security Investigations "Criminal" investigations? You say?

Thanks for watching :-)

Please consider if what you are doing here is not worse than what Snowden did?, than what Silkroad 1.0 and Silkroad 2.0 did?

Please consider your own morals, do you feel happy working for who you work for?

Do you think there is a reason for anarchy in the world?

i.e. lifelong prison sentences for innocent non-violent crimes (hacking for curisoity - without victims, but somewhat intrusion, sharing of topsecret information - which is illegal somehow, helping to uncover problems in the state, taking drugs for personal use in a non violent way while still paying plenty of taxes)

Please think what you do

Due to you it is not anymore legal to write the word "bomb", "plane", "gun", "terror" on the web without getting logged.
And many more words that you secretly spy on.

Isn't that intrusion on privacy?

You are criminalizing every person in the country

Before they do the crime

Then you claim it is in your best intentions, but I believe Snowden is more honest than you could ever be

You have an option, you don't have to work for homeland security and do what you do, you can take a job at McDonald's, anything to avoid lowering your morals.

You don't join the military either, because the military is stupid.

Military kills people, people who take drugs or hack for fun don't kill, they just have fun - with no victims except themselves in worst case.

Maybe we should consider our crime laws
life in prison for selling drugs with no casualties?
20 years in prison for hacking, with no real vicims, except companies that claim they are?

Don't punish what doesn't hurt others, drugs rarely do.

You are putting people in jail for life for weed over in the US, and then you are legalizing it at the same time

You are crazy , US government.

Hopefully you get more sane some day.

-Someone from EU , and EU is almost as crazy

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US (in)Justice Dept

Lawyers destroy justice.
Politicians destroy equality.

And so on.

Police destroy equality too...

Are you a part of authority?
What are you doing to prevent this nastiness?

Thought police!

Yes Orwell was right. 500.000 hidden cameras in my country (DK) as of 2016. But then it turned out that number was likely much too small said the police (no official records exist...).

The police has all incentives to keep sitting up cameras, they help solve crimes.

Maybe we should just sit meditating on the Real truth, one soul one body, while the Cyborgs take over..

Stopping it seems inevitable.

People simply don't care.

At some point it will be too late to stop it, because only 2% of population will protest while they are being surveilanced in their own home.

Life in prison for victimless crimes..

In usa they give people life in prison for drugs. Victimless crimes.

This is the definition of insanity. Way to go US.

But here in Denmark they also give people prison sentences for facebook postings, a man got put into a mental hospital for saying he would kill people who swear on the prophet muhammed, in a status update.

Thought police...

The cops quickly found him from his ip, and came knocking his door, and a judge ruled he must be put in a mental hospital

Frederiksberg judge.

We have just touched tip of the iceberg in this insane world.

Are you supporting their insanity?

Soon it will be you that are taken away for a facebook posting.

By the thought police, as orwell said

It is already happening, it happened in 2013 here in DK, exactly as mentioned here.

People also get taken away for "knowing too much".

2014-12-14 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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Dear NSA, Dept. of Justice, Europol, Terror logging
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