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Ending all Facism on earth
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Ending Facism on Earth, for gods light to shine through

Facebook... facistic banners, forcing things in your eyes you dont want to see. Even porn at times. But also nasty ads that exploit you as a user. It also encourages you not to think. A prison box for your mind. Only has thumbs up, so you can like all your friends like. But are they really your friends? You cannot thumbs down things. Only sheep like like the herd. And it urges people not to write what they really think, only short chat messages, like a fool. Is it folly for the masses?. It takes brain power away for many. Like tv.

Radio... brings fear into the soul of people. War, terrorism is on everytime you turn it on. racism.

Youtube... commercials on every video, putting subliminal messages into your soul, facistic autoplay to next video, by default!.. making sure you become crazy if you use their services... forced to view the next video

Google... autocomplete of what 'they think you should search for' ... incl evil keywords you may not want to search for or your child to search for. They will suggest anything they think that you type.
Put pacman on your homepage,,, force google ads in your face on half the web... ads are intrusion on free will... gods given light, and birthright

it destroys the soul, ads are bad for humans
intrusion into others private space!

Facism in our own life?

Say no to facism... controlling of others

Say no to the people doing it!

Say no to microsoft, and apple!

Microsoft.... controls you behind the surface. Pretends to give you freedom for convenience. But only linux is free (opensource).

Apple... gives you candy, while luring you into slavery. A slave to your senses of it must look good on the outside. But it controls your pc and you. You don't know what the program does. You cannot upgrade your pc, special made hardware. Apple is just a bad idea for most. It pretends to give freedom, and taking your freedom. Pure evil. Selling freedom for convenience? anyone?

Smartphones... smart phones have a backdoor by default today, by law. So the state can listen in on you any time. No im not a tinfoil hat man. It is true. NSA, Europol and more are in on this. It is the firmware upgrade on air you have noticed. It cannot be turned off. It means the manufacturer can upgrade software on your phone any time, or police. People been convicted by this this. Phone gets new software over the air, and if you turn it off, it only pretends to turn off, but doesn't really... it keeps listening, and recording, and transmitting. Smartphones are surveilance and tracking devices. It also transmits your location 247 to the ISP, where you walk, at what time you walk there... no matter the phone you own, be it a smartphone or a normal cellphone. This data gets logged, stored. Now they can see you went to the italian restaurant yesterday 20:01 oclock exactly. Or thereabout. Data is stored down to 50-200 meters accuracy (triangulation between the towers).

Nothing to worry about nothing to lose?
that's how a sheep thinks

Don't be a sheep, fight for your rights people

In our normal society here is where the evil facism is...

Evil greedy corps destroying nature... join http://www.dn.dk

Evil greedy corps not wanting to pay a normal salary to adults, don't support netto,fakta when you buy groceries

Kontanthjælp ... made by Venstre... don't vote for venstre... remember to support Equality with your vote. These people tell the sick they are not really sick, and they must work or be thrown on street, and the doctors support this facism, and its evilness. Kontanthjælp also includes tvangsaktivering (straksaktivering) first day,for all people over 18 years old. You must move lawn on 200kvm backyards for rich pensionists, you must be exploited to get a living, and earn 20DKK an hour. Venstre thinks it is ok to exploit people,distrust people instead of aid them, care for them. And the sick are laughed at. Spit at. By this party. Be sure to vote for an equality party......

Sygedagpenge... evil made by venstre... take money from people sick, even if into hospital... don't vote for venstre. They take sygepenge from cancer patients in the hospital today,while in surgery.

112... ambulances dont come today, today they do a psychology test on you if you call in, all people,to determine 'if youre worthy'. Meaning you must 'scream loud enough' so they can hear you and trust you're sick/ill. All made possibly by venstre in 2010... the new 1813 akkuttelefon.... be sure not to vote these evil greedy people in. Several people have died with the new 112 ambulance services that wont come out to people dying in the street.

Pensionister.... evil made by venstre.... they take money from living together pensionists... even if no money for teeth... dont vote for venstre

Greed is often politically chosen in society
be careful who you give it to

It is better to burn your vote than give venstre it!

Same goes for df,for they support these demonic people...

Here is where freedom is

Email is designed to be free, it urges the user to fully write what is on their mind. Netequiette furthermore specifies how to behave orderly on the net so email doesn't have to do it. Email is optimal. And it is not facistic. It never shows banners in your face/ads. It is beautiful.
It is not monopoly, no single corp owns it or can patent it. It has no patent. It is total freedom. And it supports anonymity most of all.

Nature ,,, still living, not polluted yet, enjoy it while it is there.... many places nature looks like a thrashcan!

A landline phone ... can only be tapped by NSA/police if they have a warrant on your house, which is how it should be. It is ok to tap, if they got a warrant/court order first. The landline telephone was a good invention. And you cannot be tracked where you walk.

In category.
Secret police
Ending facism in society
Facistic surveilance
Smartphones are tracking devices
Smartphones are logged
Smartphones are insecure
Smartphones have a backdoor (cite richard stallman)
You shouldn't use youtube, google
- try duckduckgo
You shouldn't use facebook, facebook is bad
- try email,is free , no monopoly
You shouldn't use freedom disrespecting things
- say no to microsoft
You shouldn't sell your freedom
- say no to being sheep, think for yourself
- don't join the herd because others laugh at one
fight for the poor
Venstre er ondskab
Liberal Alliance er ondskab
Df er ondskab
Dansk folkeparti er ondskab, og mild racisme (skjult racisme?)
Partiet venstre
Drtv .. when do you want your next insanity?
Antiterror overvågning af Danmark
Anti terror lov i Danmark kigger i din stue
Tv is to put your mind in prison
Tv is a free prison for your mind
Tv is like taking black spray paint to your third eye -Bill Hicks
Venstre vs Socialdemokratiet
Stem aldrig Venstre
Most parties Lie. Almost all of them.
But some lie more then most!. Don't support a blatant liar hurting the poor (Venstre).
Lars Løkke Rasmussen is a demon
Anders Fogh is a demon
Party Venstre is demonic,satanic (supports greed)
Our stateminister is a demon
You worship a demon as your state leader
USA worships an even worse demon it looks, but I won't judge him yet (Trump)
Det pengeløse overvågningssamfund

The future?

New world order
Satanisk verden
Satanic world
Moneyless society

They want to implement the moneyless society, perhaps chip people. But at least they want everyone to own one or more cellphones and pay with that or a visacard

This way we can all be tracked

Dont be tracked, always pay in cash!

If you pay via a visa card, everyone can see where you just traded. The bank may even sell your transaction, there is a big business in this. Investors are happy to buy.

But it can also be used by state to surveilance you.

If you use a visa card you support greed, in some way, and i cannot put to word what

Just like money can be for greed
And expensive clothes can be greed

They want us all to use a visa card, this way easierto control. Bank can just close our card when they want, on all the 'troublemakers'

And give rights to those they like (the evil facists).

That's the future, if we dont change.

Don't support new world order.

In the future, only the greedy souls will be able to eat. And all the honest citicens will be excluded, laughed at, ridiculed , and forced to live on the street.

People from venstre only see themselves. If a sick person ends on the street, they will not care about.

That's the future if you vote for these people (the liberalists).

We could all become sick. Or get cancer.

It is a dangerous tendency that our world has turned.

Even the queen is not as honest as she should be, the politicians write her news speak. How fake a queen do we got?

She tell us to work some more, not be lazy.

That's what they ask her to say.

So we can be little worker bees. And not think.

I'm not sure if she is a bad person, she seems a nice person else. But she stands for lies. She supports lies. She reads up a lie each newyear and people buy it. The speech is never her own. It is written by politics.

She gives a few words, and then they add what they want extra to that, fix her speech. It's all a big script people.

You are being exploited each day.

What are you going to do about it?

How we treat the sick, ill people ? - nothing?

You just gonna stand by?
Like all the others?

Vote the same old lies?

Venstre ? the most lying party of them all?

Or dansk folke party (df) ? ,,, just as big lies

Certainly if you gotta vote on the lie. At least vote for equality, someone saying they value that... Enhedslisten.. Socialdemokratiet... Sf... they value student rights... sick people's rights... worker rights... nature etc..... and they believe we should all be Equal. Not compete with each other and talk down on each other like in kindergarden.

2017-05-19 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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