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Is LSD As Good As They Say? : Heavy LSD Tripping, People
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Is LSD As Good As They Say?

Unicorn, ufos and dancing elves!

And what people see

Hallucinogens, Real world hallucinations?

Fractalic cinema visions in your mind

Count me in

Tripping out of your mind!!!!

Well.. the hippies seemed to like it
And the beatles

But is that good enough reason to do lsd?

Is acid worth it peopel?

Many people recommend magic mushrooms or lsd/acid.

Supposedly it can cure....
expand us spiritually

That's why they're called "magic mushrooms"

Shine on you crazy diamond

Many people seem to like cocaine... well... but then the hippies keep recommending Acid

I never was a fan of the whole cocaine thing... it ran in a culture of 'watch me' .. see me how powerful, strng i am

it was all about being best

being noticed

being 'top dog'

But I never had need to show off myself like that, or seek others appreciation.

So those hallucinogens do sound interesting

I heard they can provoke out of body experiences in many . Many people see themselves out of body. Or even aid Lucid dreaming!

Here's a classical acid trip...
The user starts seeing real world hallucinations, sometimes scary or frightening. Anything not real in our normal world may happen. Subconscious images. People talk about dancing elves, gnomes, or even angels and demons. The so called 'bad trip' where the user is deeply disturbed and frightened, demonic shadows creep in. And the user is in risk of endangering him,herself. So seems not for anybody.
But then the trip turns good, flowerpower, hug trees, oneness with nature, all in an instant. Peace, tranquility. A higher understanding of oneself and ones purpose in the world. User restates a feeling of oceanness of connectedness, and oceans of love. A feeling of oneness with all of humanity and all being. Oneness with the universe.
Yet this is just the beginning, now the user gets sucked into a fractal vortex in the wall, a swirling vortex/spiral devouring all. And the user enters a new universe. A universe of digital 1s and 0s. A universe remarkably different from ours. Nothing is similar or even describable. The user talks to plants, spirits, and even is sent into the past or future on journeys. The user had a future sight. In 2030 invention xxxx will come, and it will bring yyy on humanity. The next instant the person is back in her,his chilhoood and reliving that. Or even a parallel life as another person! . Some say they became Elvis.

Lsd has a long history of being part of the hippie movement, in 1960s

It was part of the timothy leary culture, and part of the peace movement.

It was a whole new culture of doing things your own way, not the state's way.

Lsd has traditionally been part of the freedom movement, and the users say it can open the mind, expand the mind (mind expanding drugs they call psychedelics like lsd and magic mushrooms)

By the hippies, magic mushrooms, peyote, cactci and lsd were very popular

They did all sorts of drugs. Not to mention weed.

Was it good for them?

Many seem to have improved the world. We see i.e. Steve Jobs who was a classical entreprneur and geek in silicon valley. He changed much of the world. He said that Lsd was one of the best things he did in his life.

Then there is John Lennon, also reported to having dropped acid many times in his life. Another one few know of is Richard Feynmann, a phd physicist who got a nobelprize in physics. Was that random?. He is supposed to have experimented with LSD, Ketamine in sleep deprivation tanks. And there he had out of body experiences.

What was it that drew them to Lsd? was it the morphing geometric patterns, with aztec qualities to them on walls?

Or the disco colours on the walls and carpet?

Acid (LSD) Trip & Tripping People Round The World? - Popular Amongst Hippies..

In the 1960's to 1980's , sleep deprivation Tanks were very popular, amongst with LSD

These sleep deprivation tanks could induce all sorts of visions.

The user went into this sense deprivation tank, a tank with no light or sound, then sat there for days.

Most popularized is Feynmanns experimentation here. But many others too.

By going sleep deprivation or experimenting with LSD they would get out of body experiences, and supposedly even see the future. In these 'mystic visions'

They reported of having an experience of floating 'above their body', a feeling of bliss, nirvana. All earthly problems being gone. A feeling of unity with cosmos. And more.

In this expanded state of awareness, their mind was more open than usual, and this is where the notion that these are 'mind expanding drugs' came from!

Sudden insights about our world came. Like flashes of lightning.

A natural high in a floatation tank. The user is deprived of all his senses. And thus mind can enter a deeper state of relaxation. Visions can come to the person.

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Sensory Deprivation, A means For A Higher Consciousness? :: Reset.me.

Ibogaine heals addiction to strong drugs, doctor prescribed medications and more.

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2017-09-20 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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