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The dangers of Expectations, and how they hinder our life
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The dangers of Expectations, and how they hinder our life

People expect so much

They expect others to look like them on CV's, when writing cvs, and seeking for job. Else you will not get the job if you don't wear a Tux.

They expect others to dress like them, or auto ridicule them

They expect others to look like them, or ridicule them (I often get comments on how I'm not sick, or how I'm just a kid.. but I'm 30). Even get told I'm female, by haters .. turned out the person couldn't accept own body. That's why he needed self acceptance by pointing at me.

They expect others to value like them, or ridicule them (other religion, or new age is often ridiculed)

They expect others to be leftminded only, so fairytale stuff is ridiculed, but maybe all could be right. Mind is all after all.

When dating people expect even more
Must look good
Must look perfect
Must be perfect
Must be perfect soulmate, gentleman etc.
Must adhere to a role
Must oneself adhere to a role (to please the other person)

Drop all the expectations
They hide your soul.

There are many more...
People expect others to wear the same clothes as them
People expect others to have same cellphone as them
People expect others to have same religion as them
People expect others to have same weight as them
People expect others to have same tatoos as them
People expect others to have equal work as them, or hate if 'low status job'
People expect others to work, and hate on 'socialnassere' as they call all people sick/without work
People think sickness doesn't exist, and thus ridicule sick people automatically, and tell them they just invented it. In their culture only work exists. So they think it is ok to be an egoist and ridicule sick people. They never been sick themselves, so they think others cannot be.

There are more...
People may expect their family to behave like xxx or yyy
People may expect their friends to behave like zzz , and not say them against. Unfriends any person who disagrees with them shortly.

If we want true friends, we start being true to ourselves!
To always be honest. Strive for honesty and integrity.

Honesty = being kind. Kindness always.

A honest person gets self acceptance by being REAL. Not by pointing fingers at others. Responsible person never points at others. Clears own house first.

Often many things in society turns to an ego game.
Dating game
Job seeking game
Having a job status game
Competition game (downtalking others to gain selfworth)

But a real sign of weakness, is if we need to downtalk others.

Whether due to job they have, looks, or values.

Many people ridicule other's music too. Only Metal is cool they say. But that's a real pathetic sign of weakness.

Pathetic I tell ya.

If you don't listen to same music as them, they hate you.

2017-07-07 - Af Maja Ingerslev
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