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What does NSA do, how does NSA spy on you?
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What does NSA do, how does NSA spy on you?

Anti terror logning i Danmark...

1. They tap your cable, both at your isp or near you at crosspoints.

2. Log your every google search. Can see your google searches live. Fbi get this from google too yearly. Google hands over 10.000 full searches and google user's account data a year.. This data is publicy available.

3. Tapping your phone and saving indefinitely full phone calls, history and conversations on file. This can be searched for with text to speech synthesizers... they are that adanced. ./phonelog 'nsa sucks' , and it will find the minute the person says nsa sucks in 5 years of phone conversations... it takes them maybe 3-5minutes to find max.. Servers are that fast. Phone data takes no space.. kbits/secs.

4. They store all data sent and received from your pc. On big logging servers. Huge raid servers. They are able to log up to 1gbit lines per specifications. This takes place at internet providers in the EU. They call it terror logging.

5. Backdoors in Cisco, Juniper equipment, HP etc. networking equipment, switches, routers,firewalls that allow them to go in unhindered, thus getting into your network and pcs easy as pie. They hire the devs designing major equipment for world, to put backdoors in, and make it law mandatory to put this in!

6. Possibly putting backdoors into tor browser, or inventing it/developing on it.

7. At any time they can take a live snapshot, this is called a port mirror of your line. Thus saving your line fully instead of just surveilancing for interesting keywords. They ask your isp to take a port mirror. They put a cable into your switch port, to save all data you send/receive fully onto a harddisk, to bust you later. The police does this too.

8. They make laws that make logging mandatory for vpns, and internet providers. And make free wifi access points illegal.

9. The google machines are no longer google.com you are talking to. But a machine at your internet provider. Google.com redirects to your ISP's servers!!. Google has servers at your isp. Noone gets access to them they say. But I think the NSA does..... to view your stuff live... Just check the IP of google.com or google.dk in a terminal... It is your isp's ip. They run a 'cacheserver' for google. Meaning when you think you talk to google. You are not talking to google, but your isps server!. Trojan horse.. Man in the middle.

10. Logging is the least of your worries. They use mental illness as a way to politically imprisoner people in most countries today. US i.e. and in Europe. If there is someone who knows too much, give them a diagnosis and force feed them pills, call the cops on them to kick in their door, escort them to mental hospital. NSA is just a small symptom of the state's force over YOU. Anybody could be labelled mentally ill, and taken all rights away (mentally ill do not have any rights). And imprisoned without a court ruling. For undefined time. People are diagnosed mentally ill due to facebook postings today, logged from that, and put in mental hospitals. One guy from Denmark was put into a mental hospital for threatening to 'kill anyone who swears on muhammed'... his status update said. Police quickly found his home, arrested him, a judge ruled in a few hours he must go to mental hospital. This is the place for political prisoners, for people we want to control for any cause. And if you get put there, count on most people rejecting what you say, for they believe in the fraud of psychiatry.

So if you are against nsa, you would be against all these points they do..

What did snowden reveal?

Snowden revealed that the US is now spying on its citizens fully without a warrant. Before a warrant was needed.

They are building a script that allows them to see years back your google searches in 1 key click...

Just type in your customer id.

This is already in place, not science fiction. Since early 2007 in europe

They camouflage this as 'anti terror laws'.

But it is against human rights, and intruding into your living room.
All you do is logged, and your phone calls too!


Snowden case lead to Assange..

Assange leaked millions of US military documents and videos. They also leaked videos of military killing civilians via drones and having fun with remote drones killing civilians, one after another

Sitting back in the US killing children and civilians 5000km away in Iraq, using a drone (flying airplane with wifi).

It was just a game to them this video revealed.

In Europe they have a NSA equivalent..

Eu data logging
Eu terror logging
Eu anti terror logging
Eu logging directive

Dear child has many names... they watch civilians here too. But not to protect. To control the masses. People get 'arrested for facebook postings' now...

Thought police.

Terror laws allow arresting people for posting something online.

Who can prove they didn't post it?
That's right... noone

There is also Europol, EUpol, and Prism, eu coorporates with them.
But it is all against human rights.

Not that they care about that anyway...

Eu court ruled in may 2014 that eu logging directive was against human rights. ISPs still log your every move, except for Sweden that stopped temporarily.

Freedom activists and supporters, freedom fighters...

  • Snowden
  • Assange
  • Richard Stallman
  • Anonymous
  • Wikileaks .com ?

These people fight for internet freedom. Many anonymous people do too. Not just anonymous hacker group above.

Most people are afraid of going public that they defend their internet rights..

Snowden stands life in prison, for revealing that the state spys on you with out a warrant..

What does the state want all that data for you think?

To prevent terror and be compassionate to the people?

... or to control... data on people is a powerful weapon...

You can trace anybody, know everything about them. Know their location down to 5 meters via cellphone triangulation 24/7/365...

So arresting you wont be a problem. If they perceive you as a threat.

2016-09-09 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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