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If you could transmit your consciousnes into any animal, or time period

what would you do?

I would be a bird, a budgie, nice size, but not in a cage. Would fly around.

For winter a cage would be ok.

But else I would just fly around and sit on roof tops.

And I might relive the 90s again, a good time period of no terror, smartphones everywhere, nor fearful tv much yet. In fact movies had just been invented for real.

I would just keep flying and feel the air uner my wings and the feeling of being lightweight, and my wings gently folding the air.

Bending the air and flying gracefully.

Of course it could be fun to fly with other birds in flock.

It must be bad to be an elefant, much too heavy. But a bird I would love to incarnate a few time as. Always felt like one.

Like that freedom. Having a body can feel strange sometimes.

I feel better with no weight, zero gravity.

That of the air lifting me up and flying... once you flied, you dont want back to your body.

I have flied all places I've ever lived. And I got it in color in my mind 25 years later. Over 100 such dreams of flying above rooftop and large grassfields. But since 2012 my dreams have stopped due to pain. No dreams.

So miss flying.

Flying is easiest when body is not with pain. It already takes much mind control to get there.

What more would I do?
I would just fly, and without the need to eat or drink

But maybe I would eat and drink too... not sure

I would fly high and low

And I would almost crash, then gently surf the wind up again before landing

Almost crashing

Yet not

Now feel light as a feather

It would always be summer, unless I missed winter. For I control the seasons in my dream. So always the perfect temperature, a blessing on my skin ,or feathers.

Just the wind gently caressing my bird body.

My wings would be so big and just right size to flying would not be hard, in fact effortless, and also easy to fly fast for stunts.

At no effort or strain. Just perfect flying.

At one with environment. And what I want would appear. A manifesting bird..

I want to move place? I make a quantum tunnel with my mind.

Chrono shift timeperiod and place.

The grass would be electrical, divine, golden ratio, everything would be blssed with magic of nature. Deep magic.

I would fly with other real birds, be a real bird.

And we would talk together.

I would live in a nest if needed.

But the grass would be perfect green, as mother nature created it. Unheard of beautiful. And the sun as beautiful as imagining it is possible. Shining like a star and diamond at once, and filling my whole being with joy , like a crystal.

Just absorbing joy from the sun and environment.

Whole environment just reaping with joy aiting to be absorbed.

While i fly around.

I fly in and visit my best friend.

And he doens't bother Im now a bird.
I go to school, and neither do they

But at one point it was agains tthe rules to fly

YTet yt called te cops on me

Had to fly away...

over buildings
over big landscapes

over big grass areas

Flew out to my moms house. And my other friends were there/some she knew.

I was safe.

But now we got tot he esciting part

I found out i could be both bird and human

I was now human with normal human life

And sometime I was a bird...

So I wernt to school, lived at my parents house

And could fly also, when I liked

whens hould i be a human

when shold i be a bird?

It is hard to chose

each has benefits.

I would say bird is most free, no worries

Human life feels foreign.

Anyway now I was a human with bird abilities, able to get wings at any time

Just the size that it was easy to fly, lightweight etc.

So i went to school and flew there in breaks, and at work too later on.

But neithe rplaces liked it

I got in trouble both places.

Flying not allowed. Had to jump out of the building.

Now I controlled my reality fully again.

Master of own reality.

I could change form
Escape anywhere

Fly anywhere I like... even the most perfect place

Away from pollution

To a place of always sunny weather

And only fellow birds who understood my mood

Who never were angry
there were only happy birds

like me

And the trees were a blessing. No humans to be found except good humans pure of soul everywhere. Everyone would be their perfect self. Pure love as the most beautiful I remember them. My mom would be young again. My best friend at optimal health, like me.

As a Bird I could do special a bilities

1. Sit in air, and feel no gravity, with a little bit of effort sometimes. This was very fun at school. I was the only who could do it!. Sit above all the others. But it was not allowed. Read above. It got me into trouble.
2. Fly very very high , and then make stunts down close to ground
3. Dodge bullets, if meet evil people. I was Immortal. Would just get a new-self if I died.
4. I could not die by evil.. by facing an evil entity, It would vaporize
5. Hitting ground I would not die from, but get a new self same place again.
6. Death was impossible. I was immortal. And all I loved and ever knew, were too!
7. Noone ever aged. My mom always looked the same, my best friend, myself (a bird), bro etc. Family never aged.
8. I would always fly to and from school , this eased transport time markedly and was super fun and joyful. May fly new direction or over water to explore on way home, since I was zero weight, I could go anywhere, and it was bliss. May sit on a lightpole. Or tree to rest and notice beauty landscape. Then fly further. May even fly to Aarhus on way home one day.

Markedly, I had the special ability that noone else I know could do:
1. Bend time, time travel
2. Shapeshift my body
3. Be a bird
4. Fly, sit in air (levitate)

This means my life was very different. And few understood me.

It always got me in trouble with school, for half humans half birds go to school too. They just hide wings sometimes.

But when I used my wings, they called the cops.

Those who loved me didnt bother I was a bird, they didn't even notice it!. Treated me normally as a human.

But I was a bird in a human outfit, on the way home/sparetime I always flew with my wings.

2017-07-10 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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