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Many Benefits Of Chili
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Many Benefits Of Chili


Im generally a fan of chili. Use it often.

May be good to use more often. I notice it helps blood pressure, strangely.

More useful herbs? dandelions. Heals body to divine perfection. It has golden ratio in it. Sacred geometry. And you can pick it anywhere. Though pick far away from roads, cars. You don't want pesticides nor lead pollution from cars.

This veggie is healthier than anything you can buy in store people!

I recommend it highly. It will prevent hunger too, you can supposedly live off it eternally. Someone said.

You won't get skørbug(that disease with lack of vitamin c).

You keep your health if you eat it supposedly, keeps away starvation.

It saves me from many visits to shopping mall, rarely buy groceries by now.

I know where dandelions are, where my local apple tree and plum trees are. All I need.

Here's what I notice from chili.
Beautiful skin
Glowing skin like new!. Aids skin a lot.
Heals infections (esp on skin). Psoriasis, infections on skin of any kind. Acne etc.
Adjusts metabolism slightly. Burns fat.
Seems very promising against infections that you cannot get rid of, of any kind. Utis, on skin, inside body etc. Good luck here. Antibiotic effect.
Antibiotic in mild ways, without making you sick. "The good without the bad"
Healing to body
Healing to whole body
More energy, stamina
More strength
Fool, but in funny ways
'Mexican' personality

It will aid passion in your life. Chili does energetic healing on you. You will become child like.

May say funny, foolish things a bit. In witty ways.

It brings more passion into our life, in all we do. A very good thing.

More joy in daily life. But also more foolhardy. Easier to anger, or using swearwords.

So don't overdo the chili. Can increase anger.

It is good for healing the body, and your mood, self esteem.

Depression aid. Low self worth aid. Sickness aid.
General wellbeing aid.
Self confidence aid.

You will feel more confident if you eat chili. Get from a reputable supplier.

Remember to chose organic. You don't want pesticides.

Chili is like Dynamite for your personality. Ups the good, but also ups the bad.

Deep passion, creativity. Boosts creativity in all you do, and action. Brave. Courage.

Looking for the ultimate soul, body healing?

Try Out A Rose Quartz Crystal!

Word cannot describe how spiritual this crystal is, and how much it can heal our life.

It is pure unconditional love.

It will aid all parts of our lives. Self love, love for others. Miracles. Angelic events in our life.

Angelic miracles each day.

Try it out. It is cheap.

The perfect depression cure. Natural depression cure.

Anyone can heal depression with this crystal. Just be aware it can worsen a bit in the first few 1-3 days. The crystal adjusts your spiritual frequency and heart frequency. It opens the heart. But after 1-2 days you will feel markedly better.

Why I use chili?

I started using chili powder

It is good on food. But it has many spiritual benefits that most people do not know.

It heals the skin all over body. Gives glowing beautiful skin. If you had skin issues ever, or dry skin, try it out.

It is healthy.

It has strong antioxidant capacity to heal the bodys organs inside and outside, skin.

Increase creativity
Increase beauty of skin
Increase passion
Increase desire
Increase sexual passion

Or just increase passion in all your works. It is important to be passionate about what we work with. Or with our lover.

I had strange marks on my body...that wouldn't heal... skin blotches,red marks on arms

Red marks on arms wouldn't heal for 5 years

But using chilid they do slowly

Coconut oil has amazing healing effects also
Best natural antibiotic,and can be made into topical cream.

Aids Creativity . And Stable Mind

Chili aids stable mindedness. Meaning it boosts your creative writings.

Get much clearer writings by using it.

This is due to working on the root chakra (it is red).

Chili is red. Not coincidence.

Chakras have colors and functions.

Root chakra is survival, sexual instinct, competition.

It will boost your competetive skills, while being the Great I am. Meaning you do it in kind ways always, not at expense of others.

You fight for all that is good by using it.

It is important to be an independent person.

And this powder can boost your root chakra.

Very powerful
Root chakra is infinitely powerful.

It is all about power.

You will get noticed by others by using chili, spiritually.

Root chakra gets us noticed.

For creativity
For intellect
For intelligence
For skill with words
For our works

It boosts all these areas of our life. Get a clear mind today.

Especially useful for people with adhd, or people who have trouble grounding.

A very good grounding food.

I take chili just as powder, and get it down with water.

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Root Chakra Image


Chili Benefits Image

2017-09-16 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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