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How to avoid 99,5% of all Spammers on your personal blog (web blog)
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How to avoid 99,5% of all Spammers on your personal blog (web blog)

We all know the annoyance of lowlife spammers, intruding on the web and you everywhere you go, from your email, to your phone and wordpress blog.

They have one thing in common, they care not about you. Just that they get something from you..

They will harvest your emails and spam post your wordpress blog, or web forums.

Here are my best suggestions from over 20 years of experience with coding. I have been working as a coder for most of my life.

Use my experience in your coding or wordpress blog to avoid spammers. Easy to implement.

It works with php, or any language.

The fix takes only 5 minutes to implement if you know how to code well. But is a powerful fix to avoid all spammers, or 99,5% of them or so.

You avoid having to delete spam posts each day, and you get the spammers into hell as they deserve. Double win!

Here's the code, enjoy people!

And please, if you have something better please post below, I would love to hear. You can post links just not full domains. Be creative if you post links.

Tumblr.. my favorite ad free blog place. It is free, but not open source. You can use for fun, make up to several blogs easily. Php gives more customizeability, if you write your own blog. *want something right? gotta do it yourself. Nevertheless tumblr is enjoyable, moreso than wordpress*

Here are code suggestions... Avoid spammers on your blog / wordpress blog

1. Delay post allowance to after 12 seconds, which it usually takes to read an article fully.... wont have people commenting before reading the article, wont we ?

Submit comment failed.
Spam protection.. you posted too early.. please try again more slowly..

2. Provide a security question... what is seven added to .. with a in the end?

Easy to type for the user, and catches 99% of spammers. Only the manual spammers get by, which is how it should be.

3. Disable emails and http links on your comments

These are often used for spam. People can still type links in kind ways in te text without .com to end.

Btw, if you like antispam, I suggest to avoid google services, use duckduckgo instead. They spam ads in your face, even if you use webmail they spam you there too. Ugly it is. Use a normal email from your ISP instead of gmail, has no web ads.

Spamcop is useful to subscribe to, contribute to.

More tips on avoiding blog spam....
-- Avoid using google captchas, they are really annoying to the users. And google tracks people. Non-free. They take away both your freedom and your visitors freedom.
-- Use javascript to change Get request to Post and (you can optionally add special fields on submit button click). This means a wget curler script cannot just post on your site from the commandline. It forces only real browsers to post comments. It has a downside of disabling comments from non gui browsers, but who uses those in 2017 (I'm not a fan of restricting user's freedo... always optimize my sites for commandline viewing, and 1024x768 and low resolutions etc.). But this works for 98% of people.
-- Check for incoming urls in textfields, if you detect a .com, .net., org. uk domain , call the person a spammer, delete the user's post. Or deny it.

To be userfriendly it is best:
- Not to delete users post if detected as spam. Should be possible to go back and reedit the post.
- Not to show google capthas, the most ugly captchas on the web, that also spy on the user.

Lastly a webmaster tip...
- It is good coding to optimize your sites for all browsers, and all operating systems. Netscape, Internet explorer, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, Lynx (text mode browser) etc.
(All browsers supported)
- It is good to optimize for all browser resolutions, because your site works in 1600x1200 resolution does not mean it looks good on most people's pcs in 1024x768. Online screenshot makers can take screenshots of your site of what it looks like in lower resolutions, or on android devices, iphones. So you can crossplatform test your blog/webpage.
(All resolutions supported)

And the best sysadm tip, webmaster tip you will ever hear....
- Focus on the user, userfriendlyness. Avoid facism, noone likes being forced stuff (forced resolutions, forced javascripts etc.), noone likes being forced hard to type captchas either. Site should be without forced stuff. Don't force ads on your site either. Ads are sinful. Should not be used on a free internet. Ads are usually greed. Most people do not lack money. It is just annoying to the user. Are you selling your freedom, and people's freedom for Ads and $20 monetary gain a month? ... if so... you are sinning against humanity. Intrusion of free will, gods given light, birthright, is a cosmic sin. Galactic sin. It will come back to haunt you. You most likely don't need ads. Most people convince themselves they need ads, either for page to look 'good'. Or to gain money. But it's all a lie. Money is a lie. Illusion. Biggest illusion of our world.

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2017-05-26 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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