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Free software is freedom
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Free software is freedom

Richard Stallman on Free software aka. Gnu Software

If you value your freedom, you would run GNU on your pc. Because microsoft is proprietary closed source software, same is apple and much other software.

This software is your prison, it tracks you behind your back. Invades your privacy.

Only free software is free!

See more at http://www.gnu.org

Newest Intel hardware beyond core duo 2 has malicious hardware inside

It contains a backdoor to control your pc, this is why you will never be able to run free software on newer intel hardware beyond 2006.

It is recommended to boycut intel hardware, or buy older intel hardware.

They have become corrupt as a company.

In the interest of money.

Only free software can you trust, and intel have designed a backdoor to aid the fbi , feds, nsa etc. in all its hardware, from mobile phones, to servers and desktop pcs!

Don't use intel

Cannot be said enough

Unless you want another company full access to your pc.

If you declare war on whistleblowers, how can you have whistleblowers?

Stallman says this, that If you declare war on whistleblowrs, how can you have whistleblowers,,, like Obama has done

Snowden is a hero

He should be head of the NSA

But he is treated as a traitor, for showing their malicious acts on humanity

Quotes of free software

Quotes by gnu users...

I love richard stallman, made a big difference in my life, and all the volunteers giving freely of their time to write excellent gnu softwar that always works and never bugs me.

Free software quotes....

noone should be able to point cameras at public places with face tracking, except with a warrant. We need more control over our technology.
- Richard Stallman

The government is doing surveilance so extreme that most citizens would not believe their eyes, and we have to stop that.
- Richard Stallman

Start volunteering today

Help gnu project expand its free sofware movement. Make gnu logos in gimp (free software logos) they can use freely in their shop, make free gnu software that other people can use

Terminal or Graphical.

If you like elegant things, you can even write your own desktop environment, and Enlightenment is a perfect example of this. It uses shaders in the video hardware to generate the whole desktop environment, meaning the whole code is very minimal. Few lines.

By using shaders you can make your whole desktop environment in a short period of time, if you are a good programmer.

Write your own windows 98 alternative.

A simple desktop environment that works.

Gnu project could use an alternative to gnome, gnome works fine, but it is suffering from too much complexity.

We need a free software desktop environment that is simple to use.

You can also write terminal/console programs.

It can be very fun.

How about a program for making coffee?

Or a program for calculating 500 digits of Pi/the golden ratio?

You decide!

Outbound Links
www.gnu.org - The Gnu headquarters, where the gnu wizards and amateur free software movement is located. All people interested in free software, non evil software.

A movement for totally free software, which is nonexistent in our world of today. Even opensource that has gotten popular as a term is fake and nonfree. Never use opensource.

Use free software if you value your freedom!

Only use Google via Tor, with disabled javascript in your browser.. They Track You!

Stallman only uses google from the Tor browser, with javascript disabled

Google has started identifying their users, tracking their users, maliciously using their user's data.

You never know who uses your data now, google will sell to third party.

They will know which sites you looked at, as many sites today have google analytics on, javascript surveilance that logs to google.

This means google effectively controls like 30% of the net of today, so many sites can hava google analytics on.

If you want to be safe, you should not use google

Or if you use google, make sure you surf anonymously there.

Use a tor browser.

For google requires you to have a user, or logs your searchwords.

So you are not anonymous. Google does not respect your anonymity.

Do not trade with people, companies, that do not respect user freedom!

And if you do, in the case of google, facebook, always use Tor for anonymity.

I recommend to boycut google and facebook. And so does Stallman.

2017-03-23 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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