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The merciful
The destroyer of ignorance
The third eye dude, or woman
The male,woman
The half male, half woman
The he with god
The kind to all animals nature and man
The inspirer
The bringer of faith to the poor

Shiva is not worshipped as a god in hinduism,merely to inspire what can be attained once mastering ones third eye.

All that is benevolent
All that is rightful
All that has compassion for the poor
All that is selfless
All that inspires faith in all people
All that is infinite kindness
All that lives to serve God
All that is humble as needed, but strong as needed
All that never fears
All that knows love is eternal, love the way

Now you may want to know how to reach shiva (serving god in all our actions, god consciousness), here is what I've heard from hinduists & others..:

Amethyst cluster

Those are some good crystals. Some say tripping can be beneficial too.

Meditation is also useful.

But notice how shiva is a being of much third eye. It doesn't just come from meditation always, though it can.

If you want to reach it with meditation, you may have to take extra effort. Go sit in the grass remote place, or on a grass mountain.
Meditate on shiva's virtues , on aiding the poor.

It is said that Hindu-beings will reveal themselves to those open to them. Ganesh and Shiva are said to be godly beings here to assist mankind. Holy beings. Though only holy people can see them it is said.
So to be open to them, to hear their lessons, may have to first become a holy person.

Maybe shiva is nothing too, just the godly virtues personified.

In any case, it cannot hurt being reminded of the godly virtues, like buddha reminds us. Some have a buddha statue.

I think buddha maybe warned not to worship him. He wanted to be a normal person. It is why I never keep statues. But I like the idea of shiva or buddha reminding us of our godhood.

That a person who choses to sit in righteousness, celibacy, fasting, rightaction , can chose to be with God Himself.
And to bring god down from the mountain too.

Nothing , noone is enclosed off from the party. Only question is, do you want to join gods righteousness. It takes any form..

Shiva, bhagavad, ganesha, egyptian gods of all that is right (egyptian priests,high priestesses) etc.

The beings name not important

As longas it is a benevolent being.
One works with spirit by saying one is open to contact with heavenly beings.

Not by letting them into body. Just ready for a sign.

Or by meditating on their heavenly virtues... respect for the poor. Respect for animals


2017-05-07 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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