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Quake II... A fav of mine since 1998... Best Game Ever
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Quake II - My favorite game since 1998 (yes people!)

Quake II: My Oh So Favorite Game Since 1998..

Love to overclock my pc with scooter radiatorers and tune my mouse, crt monitor ... and then some the edge gaming.. oh yeah

# quake2 # quake 2 on online servers # quake 2 blog

It's all about the epenis baby!:D





Liquid chillin

With liquid nitrogen?

Overclocking your mouse

Hacking for fun and profit

Or what they do

And sit on irc, in dark game rooms.

Raid middle of nightz

You can read much more about irc on the menus below..

This is a game you have to be uber skilled to play. Preferably on a 14" crt or up to 17", anything else is just fubar.

It takes leet skills to play.

I've never understood people calling in sick from work to play Wow, or what they do.. be with girlfriend. Or lay on couch because their toe hurts.

At least play a proper game. Quake.

Not that I would encourage being sick, unless you got a real bad employer, in which case sickness spreads like a stepping fire.

I was the only who never was sick at my old work. Everyone was all the time.

Stop playing crappy games. Quake is where it is at. You can have place for doom, or maybe heretic, hexen too/some duke nukem. But Quake is the beast. I mean , the best.

And Quake II is the evolutionary highpoint thereof.

Bigger, badder, in every way!

2017-06-25 - Af Maja Ingerslev
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