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QUAKE 2 OH YEAH ... In The Summer Heat
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QUAKE 2 OH YEAH ... In The Summer Heat

Quake II, is it the greatest game ever?... how about basemaps and the edge to convince ya?

Quake 2 when it is most fun!

Heat up that chaingun for me!

Shall we camp the base-maps with machinegun somewhere remote?:) - until unsuspecting newbie comes by?..... With ping 350 you say? ok

Seems the newbies knew best... base maps are truly epic!!. Not enough people give them credit in Multiplayer. But they sure rock.

Here's a real banger!!
Unicorns Here

Few know it but Quake II is actually the successor to Doom. Is it the ultimate online game? - It has even the bfg from doom too!. The total of many unique small quake maps and dark lava dungeons make it a fraggers choice.

Quake even invented the frag word!

Quake 2 the game... Download, Play With Friends Online

Mh room. Bunny jumping is possible in Quake. Though it is not easy.

You will have to be pro to learn to do this. It is not for everybody. Takes some skills man. For some it takes a year or more to learn, but totally worth it!

Bunnyjumping lets you take special items on maps you cannot reach without. I.e. in q2dm1 (The Edge) where Megahealth is stored in main entrance. Without you would have to self injure to get that megahealth, by rocketjumping. Or if lucky get a team member to crouch for you.

It also gives you great advantage in fights. 1on1 or ffa. You run much faster with jumping like this.

See for yourself.


You can fly too, if you get the red hook.

The Clanworld Quake II, 247 Portal

Get the game here & read more, if you got what it takes.

The Edge and uber gaming in the Frag pipe late nights

The edge in quake 2 is not just any map, it is rumored to be a marvel piece of engineering that no other fps game can match. I guess you will have to try to see what we mean.

This map has by mistake intruduced certain features that are only available via bunny hopping

You have to be pro to reach them

No other game has strafe fast jumping like quake, bunny hopping, it adds tremendeously to the game tempo.

A very fast paced game.

Quake II has a fully bullet proof weapon arsenal too that is even better than that from doom and quake 1. Don't try to use the blaster though.

In Quake II they removed the Axe, so you cannot brutally murder your opponent anymore, but you can get the railgun. It uses slugs and it fires with instant speed, in hyperspace to create hyper-kills. Taking down 2 or even 3 opponents at once is possible via this weapon. It simply goes through all. Not walls yet though. A feature the stroggs have yet to design.

Fight the stroggs in quake, and their conquest to take over earth and create man machine hybrids. Is this a real futuristic prediction?

Is idsoftware run by the stroggs?

They say the stroggs came from the future and to overtake earth and mankind via infesting them with a virus. This virus turns them to half- strogg half man.

So they are now evil.


The stroggs are many types of creatures, some dog like, some enormeous. In common is they came to be via a virus.

You must enter the command center and destroy the strogg headquarters.

Do it fast though, the stroggs have gotten a message of your arrival.

Lan parties arranged since 1998

It all started in 1998 with the launch of Quake 2 in the series of quake games. Since then many lan parties have been arranged for this quake game. They are usually smaller and people know each other. But lots of frag fun.

Usually quake, unreal, cs is gamed and projectors too with amiga games on are brought with them.

Overclocking is also very fun, many are using watercoolig.

Tune your mouse today, and join the frag party!

Visit us at clanworld where we reside on the boards and chat.

Learn to quake
The only true way to frag.

To frag or not to frag..
thats. the .. quewstion.z..


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2017-08-14 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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TI1000 - 2017-09-22
def. quake 2 man, theres nothing like a the edge with chaingun and haste rune! ..... and wow to Lithium... Lithium Mod makes quake 2 even 10x better

TI1000 - 2017-09-22
hello world