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Develop your 35mm film at home
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Still got an analog camera with film?

C41 developing at home made easy

Only a trash bag and a funnel and some chemicals, then you can develop your own color pictures that last a century!

Who doesn't remember Kodak 200?:)

Costs about $1.5 a roll to develop! - impossible price to beat

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If you love lomography , or old 35mm picture film cameras you will love this tutorial.
I still got my old 35mm camera, prefer it much over my digital ixus camera due to ease to use and that I get a physical format afterwards. Never any worry about it breaking either.
I also like the low resolution of pictures, I hate autofocused pictures where you can zoom in on a persons face, looks ugly. People don't look good too close up. Old cameras were perfect, they couldn't be improved because you can get too many megapixels and then people start looking ugly :P

Disposeable onetime Kodak cameras, those were the times :)

See also:
Those pictures take you 20,40-50 years back in time. Really nice colors. There's something to those pictures that today's digital cameras just lack. And that is 'feel'. There's too perfect colors on a digital camera. Too artificical maybe. It just looks better with old analog cameras somehow.
Judge for yourself at the above url, people post their own experiences with $10 35mm compact cameras there in their sparetime. New retro hobby.
I got my old 35mm camera now and I really love it compared to my digicam, many advantages.

2015-08-04 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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