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Time travel
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On the issue of Time Travel

Did you know we live in possibly infinite universes, with possibly infinite clones of ourselves?
Quantum mechanics says so

And the possibility of living infinite lives simultaneously

Also the possibility for time travel, but there is trouble if we prevet our clone from living

We cannot interfere with the past

Time as a program and an illusion

Time is a program, it has a purpose like everything else

We live in a time construct

So you cannot alter the construct

if you go back and change the central part of the code (time), you change the whole program

So past has to stay past

If you changed the past, you would no longer have the current present. A loop would occur. It is only possibly to change past if you have infinite parallel lives with infinite degrees of freedom in each.

You can change the time between past and current evens though.

From i.e. years to minutes. But you cannot alter the order. What happened, has to happen, in the order it did.

It is connected in many ways.

Though maybe future can affect past? some physicists think so... future events affecting our past or present

If multiple timelines exist (alternate realities), then:

Then timetravel is no problem. Just jump to another timeline existance.

Where you can modify and relive your past.

Or you can jump future too.

It is not recommended to time travel in dreams, it can make people crazy I heard. The human mind is not made to go back in time, it can attach us to the illusion of time, and make us crazy. Only go to where in time you naturally get recall of, to avoid this 'hanging in time' glitch in mind.

Time travel is not for beginners or young souls

It may be performed by Shamans , not for themselves, they never travel for themselves.

He who travels in time for himself, gets caught up in own ego, goes insane..

Wants to cure all things in past, and own life in past, so gets caught up living in past. Stuck in past.

Only shamans, buddha minds can travel time space safely. Because they do it in their hearts. Never for self reward. And never intentionally usually. No wantings, no desire.

If we have wantings,desire, time travel is very dangerous.

It can get us stuck in a past mind or future mind.

Imagine coming down with a 2050 mind in 2017?, it wouldn't fit good into society. People wouldn't accept you got the cure for aids,cancer, or levitation,free energy or such.

They would be neanderthals compared to you.

So that's why never to travel time. Stay in the present. It has all you need.

There is time travel, for time is a program that can be modified by mind. But only specially trained people can do it safely.

2017-03-21 - Af Maja Ingerslev
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