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I like Holger Bech Nielsen.. quantum physicist..
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I like Holger Bech Nielsen.. quantum physicist..

He says that should not take the results too serious

And that the theory could be wrong

He admits science doesn't know everything, and never will

That science is just a model

A good fun model

Very entertaining to hear him fill the board with equations, lol

Very special voice he got...

Autism I think... a mild form of autism

It tends to make people hyper focused on one thing, and a little strange..

So he has written this theory that we are being sabotaged from the future, and reverse cause effect (opposite causality)

Can future affect past or Present?

According to him yes, his theory, 2 quantum physicists have written. Lhc is being sabotaged from the future

The universe would hate us finding higgs particle, it would give negative balance

So it will do anything to prevent it

Incl sabotating us from the future. This is serious science. 2x phd scientists on it.

Though he says not to take it too seriously

Unless lhc has a major disaster, then his theory may be right!

The theory says we live in a card game universe. He compares our universe to a card game. Where all is fate of the draw!

Is future predestined? he says so

In some universes you can predict a lhc that is destined to fail, before being built. Predestined.

Because the universe hates us finding out its nature, he says

2017-09-07 - Af Jesus Is Precious
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